3 Reasons to Avoid Downtime

network security

If you think downtime is an essential part of every technology-heavy business, you’re not thinking like today’s businesses.

Many owners still think downtime is necessary for updates and improving systems, but the reality is that there are better options for your network security.

Invest in network security, without losing sight of your business goals. Downtime can be expensive, intrusive, and frustrating.

Downtime Means Less Business

You know this - every time your business goes into downtime, it means no transactions.

This can seem alright, if it’s at night, but not when you’re a growing company. You may have to make a correction, or adapt a product, and you need constant availability.

Why Avoid Downtime?

Avoiding downtime doesn’t mean you’re not taking care of your network security and software issues. It just means that you’re partnering with a professional network security team to protect your business in functional ways, so you don’t have to go completely down for updates.

So, why invest in network security and less downtime?

  • It means your business isn’t non-operational for a period of time.
  • It can update and fix software issues without putting the system on hold.
  • Productivity loss doesn’t equal security gained.

How to Avoid Downtime?

Taking action to be proactive and avoid downtime can be the difference in keeping your business open when an issue comes up. Here are some of the key ways to avoid downtime.

  • Be proactive about software management - plan for the best but prepare for the worst.
  • Invest in network security
  • Have reliable backups for your data.
  • Outsource network security to professional teams who can proactively manage security issues. Monitoring for early signs of problems can keep systems up and running

Stay Away from Expensive Downtimes

If you want to say functional and running full speed ahead toward your business goals, it’s a good idea to avoid unnecessary downtime. Talk to the pros at Classic Business today for the how-to.