3 Steps to a Network Backup Plan

network backup

Your network is the base of your business - everything is rooted in the data, information, and storage you have in your network. That means that you have access from anywhere, you can be efficient in identifying historical data, and your cloud storage is organized, accessible, and makes sense.

However, does your network have a sufficient backup solution? Sometimes we think there is a solution (we have our archives backed up on a drive somewhere), but it's not comprehensive enough to cover an actual loss event. Time to revisit your plan.

Network Security is Essential to Business

Without proper network security, you run the risk of losing your entire business to a disaster - a physical disaster or a hack or loss of data. Almost 40% of businesses that are impacted by a data loss are at risk of going out of business, and even for a larger company, the PR fallout can have lasting effects. While you can't prevent every potential threat (but you can do your best with proper network security!) you can ensure that you have all the right protections in place to keep working when you are hit with the unexpected.

1. Invest in Security

Security should be your number one investment in any business. Security means both proactive updates and protections for business threats. Network security in the form of oversight, backup, and management is worthwhile in the long run for your continued operations.

2. Cloud Backup Strategy

Cloud computing makes backup solutions much simpler to implement because there is no need for site-specific equipment or updates. While it takes the benefit of planning ahead, your business can use cloud storage with regular updates to stay ahead of many threats.

3. Proactive, Redundant Infrastructure

Getting ahead of security issues by investing in multiple backup solutions, and many ways to retrieve data, is the safest way to ensure your business is covered in any type of incident.

Network Management Starts Here

Time to brush up on your entire network management program, by really investing in security. Bring your business to the next level of security and backup solutions. Let’s talk.