4 Critical Questions for Buying Your Next MFP

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You’re ready to make a purchase of your next multifunction printer (mfp) but you want to make sure you’ve done all the research.

Don’t dive in without asking the right questions. Make sure your selected vendor will partner with you through the research, like the team at Classic Business Products.

4 Questions

Here are the top questions customers need to ask. Also, make sure that you take a little extra time to check on the priority features for you, your employees, and your management teams to make the best purchase for the company.

And take the time to ask these critical questions - don’t let them be overlooked!

1. How is it more efficient?

Is this mfp going to make my office more efficient? How will it work? These questions mean that you prioritize efficiency and are looking for the device that will improve upon your already productive office.

2. Does it boost sustainability?

One of the best benefits of a quality mfp is that it will make your office green, which also translates into saving some money. Letting this benefit go by the wayside could cost you more in the long run, so ask about it today.

3. Can a new mfp save my business money?

Like above, there are many ways to cut costs with the right mfp. Depending on the productivity levels, how it works with your digital office, and if the supplies are affordable for your print budget.

4. How do I guarantee reliable service?

Do a run-through on a service call with the company to ensure that they are responsive, helpful, and available. You don’t want to be surprised when you try to take advantage of their service guarantee.

Ask Away

At Classic Business Products, we’re ready for your questions. Bring us any research questions you have and we’ll help you figure out which machine you need. Let’s talk - contact Classic Business Products today.