4 Printer Features for a Secure Workplace

printer with security card

Your office security doesn't stop at badges and passwords. Print security is a major issue for some businesses, and the only way to figure out the best solution is to review your print environment and make a few simple changes to bump up protection. Luckily, with a pro team of print experts, it's easy to evaluate what you need (and find things you don't need!) and take your print environment to a new level of security.

Office Security Starts at the Printer

This is true, and overlooking print security is one of the big problems that can come back around even larger than you imagine. Take the proactive approach to print and you'll always be glad you did.

Here are the top four printer features you'll want to prioritize to ensure that your office is protected across the network.

1. Password Protection

The easiest way to protect printed documents and keep the important info confidential is to use password (or badge) protection before employees can print. When the employee is present, the document doesn't get left on the printer for all to see.

2. Data Encryption

As information flows from the computer to the printer, ensure that it can't be intercepted by investing in data encryption. This is a very real risk for many businesses and one that sometimes managers or owners don't even consider. Don't be caught without encryption.

3. Secure Print Procedures

Secure print policies mean that employees don't leave documents on the printer, don't print confidential materials unless necessary, and take other specific measures for your organization to protect sensitive information. If you haven't implemented these procedures yet, now is the time.

4. Mobile Printing

Mobile printing is an easy way to make printing more convenient and ensure that the mobile user is the one sending and picking up the document. Invest in mobile printing to keep printing in employees' hands - literally.

Print Security Starts Here

With Classic Business Products, your print security is always top of mind and ahead of issues. Get secure print features so your business is safe and protected. Let's talk today.