5 Business to Business Products for an Efficient Office

The office equipment your business uses can make or break your ability to effectively market your products and services to other businesses. 


Technology problems can completely halt your productivity, causing lost revenue opportunities and damaging your reputation with your customers. Every day, you get bombarded with marketing messages for new gadgets and devices that are supposed to make your business life easier, but the number of products that actually promote an efficient office environment are not that easy to find. Here are 5 business products, from color copiers to office supplies, to help you run your office more efficiently:

1. Color Multifunction Copiers

Color copiers have come a long way from the desktop device that created low quality duplicates of documents. They took up space on your desk or cabinet, and you still needed other devices to handle faxing and printing. When you need to conserve space, a multifunction copier is the way to go. Not only can you copy documents in full color for the creation of professional marketing materials or duplicating photographs, but you can also use the same piece of office equipment for scanning and faxing.

2. Office Supplies and Consumables

Running out of toner or copy paper in the middle of a project can put you behind schedule when you have to run to the store to get more! An efficient office is fully equipped with everything it needs to operate. Set up a delivery for your office supplies and consumables, from ink to staples, fusing units, cleaning units, and belts, and you’ll always have what you need to operate your office equipment and remain productive.

3. Wide Format Copiers

Sometimes you need something bigger than the standard piece of 8.5x11 paper to get the job done right. A wide format copier is essential for technical companies printing large scale images, architectural companies, engineers, construction companies, and manufacturing companies. Instead of running out to have specialty copies made at the print shop, you can keep all of your printing and copying needs in-house when you have a wide format copier in your office.

4. Digital Duplicators for High Volume Printing

Toner-based printers and offset printing equipment can be costly when you have high volume printing needs. They’re ideal for the high volume needs of government agencies and schools. Most color copiers and printers use heat in the imaging process, but a digital duplicator does not require heat or time to warm-up before use—decreasing its energy consumption. A digital duplicator is a piece of office equipment that offers a lower cost for printing a high volume of copies.

5. Office Equipment Repair Services and Maintenance Contracts

You can buy office equipment from almost anywhere, but what you need to maintain the efficiency of your office are machines that work when you need to use them! A maintenance contract minimizes repair costs and helps prevent problems with your office equipment. Repair technicians will proactively provide routine maintenance to your devices to help ensure they are operating around the clock, and also show up quickly to fix any problems that occur outside your regularly scheduled maintenance visits.


All organizations relying on technology to operate their business should have a phone number to a reliable office equipment repair service to ensure their equipment is properly maintained and ready for use. Repair services need to be fast to minimize your downtime for maximum productivity—can you imagine the loss of revenue and efficiency if you had to wait a week for a repairman to show up and fix your office equipment?

The office equipment you use makes a difference in your ability to maintain a high level of productivity in your business. Reducing downtime and saving money will give you a competitive edge while helping you operate a more efficient organization. If you’d like to learn more about our business to business products for increasing efficiency, including wide format printers, digital duplicators, multifunction copiers, and more,

give us a call today.

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