Document Management in the Age of the Cloud

cloud documents

The management of documents has changed a lot in the past two decades. Today, it's easier than ever to have documents stored securely while still being easy to retrieve and to collaborate. Here's how modern document management works with the cloud.

Data Safety

In today's document management, all documents to be kept are digitized for storage in the cloud. This means that each one has either been created in the computer system and kept there or it is scanned in once it's been created and used in its digital form. Data is one of the valuable assets of a business, and it's increasingly important to keep it safe. A data breach is less likely if there are no paper documents to lose or steal. With all of them kept safely in digital form, there is more security for them and less liability potential on your part.

Cloud Security

When your company's documents are digitized and stored in the cloud, they can withstand problems that may arise with your computer system. Even if you have a complete network failure, the documents will still be in the cloud and ready for your employees to access. And, the cloud comes with excellent security measures that will keep these documents safer than they would be if they were simply stored on your network.

Quick Access

One reason that small businesses like digital document management so well is that it takes employees just seconds to access any document they need to view. This erases the downtime they use to have caring for paper documents and retrieving them from a filing room. They can check specific data on any document, retrieve papers that clients need and file the documents they create with just a few clicks. This quick solution to filing and storage leads to a rise in productivity, as searching for documents is never needed again.

When you want document management backed up by the cloud, contact us to find out more about digitizing and storing your files.