Does my Multifunction Printer Need Color?

Is your company evaluating your need for a new multifunction printer(mfp)? If so, you might be asking the age old question - does my device need color?

The question usually poses the efficiency of color vs. black and white for business needs. While the dilemma makes sense from a rational standpoint (color can seem like a luxury at first), the reality is that color makes more sense from a brand standpoint. Also, addressing some common concerns immediately - like employees over printing and using color at all - can make the answer more obvious.

The Color Advantage

The primary advantage to having a color copier in house is that you cut major costs from outsourcing small projects. Outsourcing isn't cheap - it costs 400% to up to 2,000% more than printing projects in house. Those costs add up. So if you get sticker shock thinking about a color device, think about those invoices - it's worse because those costs can really get out of hand over the long term.

The MFP and Your Business

The color multifunction printer also eliminates major costs of having a color laser printer.

Overall, cutting back on the enormous combined costs of laser printer cartridges and outsourcing every color print project, your business will save money by having color in-house.

While it's easier to only see upfront cost, it's essential to view the entire lifetime costs before you make an investment in a mfp. You can always call your local provider with questions and to get more information.

Update Your Business Today

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