Energy Saving Tips for Your MFP

save energy

The electric bill of any business is one of the larger monthly expenses from the office. Anything that can be done to save energy, pay less for electricity and benefit the environment at the same time is always sought after. If your office has a multifunction printer, here are a few ways your company can save money on power to its MFP.

Choose the Best Copier

Which model is the best copier? It's the one that provides just the features that your office needs without a bunch of bells and whistles that it doesn't. Getting the simplest machine that you can, without sacrificing those needed features, will mean that no unnecessary power will be used. A machine with a lot of features that your office never intends to use may take more power to keep those systems on standby when the machine is in use and perhaps even when it isn't.

Check for Energy Star

An office machine that has an Energy Star rating is one that has qualified as a device that is energy efficient to a strict standard. It may use up to 75% less energy than a similar machine that does not carry this rating. Choosing an MFP that requires less energy may not make a huge difference in your energy bill each day, but when you multiply that day by every workday in which the machine is used, the savings become quite significant. Over the years, an MFP with an Energy Star rating will result in large savings on energy costs as well as being better for the environment. If you have multiple MFPs, you multiply the energy savings even further.

Ventilation Around the MFP

There is a lot of heat generated by an MFP, especially when it uses toner to make copies. This extra heat out into the air can lead to a room, and an office, that becomes hotter. This, in turn, means that more air-conditioning needs to be used to keep the office at a comfortable temperature. To keep the MFP from heating the indoor air too much, the machine should be kept in an area that has good ventilation. The area should have a regular flow of air instead of stagnant air that would be easier to heat.

New models of MFPs are more energy efficient, and they generate less heat than older models. To get a newer one, contact us today.