How to Choose a Mobile Printing Solution

mobile print

The use of mobile printing allows for far more flexibility for employees. Having this printing capability allows them to print from virtually anywhere, giving them the power to be more productive. Here's how you can choose the best mobile printing option for your business.

Accessible Printing

When you have mobile print, it's far easier for printing to be done no matter what the time or the day. A sick employee can print from home. An employee in a remote area can print from their vacation. This accessibility makes every employee more productive. Choosing a mobile printing solution should come down to what your employees need from this printing ability. If a person needs to be able to pick up a document while on the road, the print solution should include the anility to print at a third-party site such as a copy shop.

Secure Printing

No matter where your employees print from, the data they send should not be accessible to cyber thieves. Be sure that the mobile print service you select has strong encryption built in so that the data stream will be protected every time an employee prints a document. The encryption will be safe and secure as it goes to the printer and is used by that machine. This is an important line of defense against data breaches, and your business can't be without this security.

Easy Printing

The mobile printing solution you choose must allow for better accessibility and must be encrypted, but those aren't helpful if the printing procedure is so complicated that no one wants to use it. Take a look at the user interface to see how your employees would use it. Is it just a few taps on their phone or laptop, or is it an elaborate process that is hard to remember? With user interfaces, simple is usually better. Choose one that employees aren't likely to forget in order to avoid frustration and a drop in employee morale. Give the printing process a try to see its level of complexity.

If you're ready to introduce mobile printing to your office, contact us today to get started. We can show you mobile printing solutions that are just what your employees need for better productivity and flexibility.