How Cloud Data Affects Network Security

cloud data

The use of the cloud for digital storage is well-known for its many benefits. When you have a lot of data to store, you can't go wrong by choosing to store it in the cloud for safety and security. 

The Security in Place

When you look at providers of cloud storage for better network security, look at the layers of security that are provided to secure your data. The basic layer of security is the password needed to access the stored data. Then, there may be advanced firewalls used to keep out most hackers. Having intrusion detection is another form of security that will immediately alert them if someone tries to get into a system after getting past the first layers of defenses. There may also be internal firewalls that keep different account holders from accessing each others' stored data. To make sure the data isn't useful to anyone who does manage to get to it, it is encrypted so that it is not usable to hackers.

The Physical Side of Cloud Security

The many digital layers of security are needed to keep data secure, but they won't help much if the physical facility where this data is stored can be broken into. There are just as many physical security features as there are digital ones to ensure that no one gets in who shouldn't be there. Each data center should be equipped with monitoring 24 hours a day. They should also use biometric locks to allow only employees in, and they generally have armed guards on the site to prevent any trouble.

Teaching Users About Security

Even with so many checks and balances in place to keep your data safe, it is possible for a poorly trained employee to invite trouble in and not even know it. That's why it's so important to train your employees on how to use the cloud and how to keep company data secure while doing so. They should know how hackers can try to get in and how phishing schemes may seek out their passwords or other security information. When employees use the system correctly, there is very little risk of any problem when using cloud storage.

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