How Document Management Improves Business

document management

When you think about all of the things that could be improved at your company, you may not think that much about the documents themselves. All of those documents that are created and collected must be stored away for future needs. But, how are they being stored? Is there time being wasted on this when it could be more efficient? Here's how your business can be improved by a different kind of document management.

Scanning and Storing

With traditional document management systems, the hard copies of documents are arranged, collated, stapled, filed and then stored. All of this takes time for your clerical workers. It also means that a lot of time is spent looking for those documents. If you need to reference a contract signed two years ago, you have to be able to find it among all the other documents in storage. This time-consuming pursuit is common, and it lowers office efficiency quite a bit. Instead of this method, digital document management requires the documents to be scanned and stored online in the cloud. Then, the right file can be accessed in seconds.

Safety and Compliance

These days, every document is in danger of being stolen. When the documents are hard copies, it's fairly easy to simply take what you want and to either sell or use the information you stole. Even if the files are kept in cabinets in a back room, both employees, visitors and contractors will have access to them. To keep them far safer, the digital method works. It keeps the documents in the cloud where it is far safer from data thieves. It also helps you to be more compliant with privacy regulations. Once the documents are scanned and filed, they can be accessed only by the personnel that you decide needs access to them.

Space and Cost

Storing hard copies in the office requires having a lot of space to put them. This means you have to pay for more square footage for the storage cabinets. Some companies try to avoid this by storing them in an off-site storage facility, paying a monthly charge to keep them there. With digital document management, none of this is necessary. The documents will be right where you need them, when you need them.

If you're ready for a better way to manage your documents, contact us today to find out how to get started.