How to Keep Your Network Secure

network security

Every business has an IT network that is a target of hackers. These days, any business of any size may be attacked by criminals using malware. However, there are many ways that you can make your network more secure and keep criminals out of it.

It Starts With Passwords

No matter which network security measures you use on your network, if you have weak passwords that are easily guessed and never changed, it will be easy to get into your network. The passwords that you and your employees choose should be complex and not simple words that can be found in a dictionary. Make sure that everyone knows to choose mixed characters, such as letters and numbers, and to keep the password secure so that no one can get it from them. Being careless with passwords makes it far easier for criminals to get into your computer network.

Antivirus Software

One of the bigger safety strategies for network security is to have recent antivirus software installed on each computer in the network. This software should be updated every time there are updates available. Employees should understand how the software works and how to make sure it is working at its best efficiency. If the software detects a possible threat on a website, employees should know to stay away from the site and not to trust anything that the software deems a possible threat. Many types of antivirus software will conduct regular scans of the system to look for malware. If this is not done automatically, make sure that it is done manually on a regular basis.

Backup Your Documents

One of the worst things about malware is that it can remove important data from your computer and/or network. To keep this from destroying your business, be sure that your work is backed up somewhere so that it can be accessed in a hacking emergency. Storing the documents that are important can be done with cloud storage solutions, by dropping the files into Dropbox or saving them on thumb drives.

If you want better network security for your business, contact us to find out how to get started and keep your data more secure and your business safer from cybercriminals.