Important Copier and Printer Maintenance Tips

fixing printer

The copier is an important business machine that few businesses today could do without. However, keeping them running means paying attention to the care they need and giving them regular maintenance.

Arranging Your Space

Where you place the MFP or copier can go a long way toward its maintenance. Placing it in an area where many people walk past can create problems with the machine when it is bumped into many times per day. Placing it near vents or in direct sunlight can also add wear to the machine. Be careful with your placement to give the machine as little wear as possible, and you will extend its life. Placing it in an area that is not constantly used is a good way to keep it from being bumped.

Teach Copier Usage

It may seem that using an MFP copier is pretty self-explanatory, but not all copiers run the same way. Employee error with the copier can cause untold damage to the machine, making expensive repairs or even a replacement copier necessary. With some basic training for employees, they can be taught how to keep the machine in good condition. A quick presentation when the copier is placed in the office is an easy way to make sure everyone knows how to access its basic functions without causing any damage.

Keeping It Clean

Dirt and grime will build up over time on virtually any surface in an office, and regular cleaning is the only thing that keeps it at bay. Cleaning the rest of the office is no doubt being taken care of, and don't forget the copier when everything else is cleaned. Keeping dust out of it can help to extend its life. Gently cleaning any dirt, fingerprints and smears away will keep it looking like new longer.

For a copier or MFP that will last a long time, contact us to find out about the latest models and their features.