Printer Security is a Critical Aspect of Business

entering password on printer

As you consider all the ways to secure your company network, you don't want to take any shortcuts. It's essential to invest in IT solutions that take a proactive approach to data security, to use anti-virus software (and keep it updated!), and ensure employees are trained on how to spot a threat and make safe practices a habit.

In addition to these steps, you'll also want to make sure that ALL devices on your network are protected which includes your printer.

Printers are key player in network security, but the impact of the device often is overlooked. Don't leave holes in your security strategy!

Read on to learn more about how to protect your business from the threats you didn't consider.

How Printer Security Helps You

Remember that if your printer has access to the internet, it is just as vulnerable as any other office device.

Even if it doesn't, your printer can be seen as a weak link in your network security.

Printer security makes your network security a closed loop of protected access. It helps you and your business by removing a potential threat that hackers may target because so many businesses overlook the potential risk.

Top Tips for Printer Security

  • Secure access
  • Secure your direct access by password protecting your printer and implementing user restrictions to discourage use by unauthorized users.
  • Network security
  • Encrypt your printer connections to ensure that the network security is protected.
  • Print regulations
  • Enact print regulations so oversee your print environment and encourage safe habits.
  • Printer updates
  • Update your printers and keep software upgraded so that all security features are being used to the full potential.

Protect Your Network

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