Questions to Ask About a Managed IT Agreement

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The use of managed IT to create and maintain better network security is getting more and more common among businesses of every size. Before you decide on a managed IT agreement, ask these questions about your business and what it needs.

What Do You Want the Professionals to Handle?

Your computer network in the office is complex, and there are a lot of aspects to it that need attention from IT workers. Before choosing a managed IT agreement, consider which tasks you can easily handle in the office and which ones need to be outsourced. Exactly what will you count on your managed IT team to do? Once you've identified which aspects your business needs help with, you can ensure that those services are included in the agreement that you sign.

Which Problems Does Your Company Face?

Along with knowing which tasks you need help with, you need to know which IT problems your business has right now. The size of your business and the complexity of its computer network will often factor in this aspect. You may need better network security, to divide the network into several accounts to control access or need a better way to organize and store your documents. All of these problems can be solved with the right managed IT services.

How Much Change Can Your Business Handle?

The number of employees that you have and how much they use the computer network often dictates how much change they can realistically handle. If there haven't been many changes lately, it will be easier to help them learn the new system and remember what they're taught. If there have been a lot of other business changes lately, slowly changing how the computer network is structured might be a better idea. In addition, there may be specific employees who need more time than others to learn and adapt to the new changes. Think about the volume of changes and how they may affect the office before deciding on a managed IT solution.

If you're ready for help with your IT system, contact us today to get started. We can help you to evaluate what your office needs from IT and what we can do to help with solutions.