Saving Money With A Multifunction Printer


The Necessity for a Multifunction Printer

Operations Managers and Office Managers strive to save money for the company they work in, which benefits the company and the employees. One way to protect your company money is having a multifunction printer for black and white copies and color copies versus several machines that perform single jobs. We are sure that your company owner would have to agree that saving money is of the utmost importance.

Digital technologies are not going anywhere and only keep advancing, becoming more complex, which means that companies are attempting to use the most cost-effective office machines in the marketplace today. We have a cost-cutting office machine that is simple to use and saves money. Our multifunction printers can help offices everywhere run more efficiently and effectively.

Q. Why?

A. Because, when your office employees have the right kind of machines to complete tasks quickly, the employee is going to be more efficient and productive on the job.

It only makes sense to replace outdated and undependable office machines with one multifunction printer that saves a ton of money and employee frustrations long-term. Instead of having one machine,

  • To print
  • One to scan
  • One with fax
  • One to email, it is more cost-effective to have a device that does everything. The employee who needs to fax a document can scan it and email it at the same time.

Benefits of a Multifunction Printer

Instead of having to purchase paper, toner, and call for repairs on several machines, you now have one machine to purchase supplies for, saving a ton of money. Our machines are reliable, and it is rare if they need a repair call. However, we do recommend calling us to maintain and service our multifunction printer at intervals to keep it in tip-top shape. If your machine needs repair, we are right there with no downtime.

Our printer has the capability of connecting to all your office computers. We can install our mobile printing applications that enable you to send documents to your printer remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

After you purchase the multifunction printer,

  • We train employees in the correct use of all printer functions.
  • We set the printer up.
  • We train your employees on the correct use of all this machine can do for them.
  • We connect all computers to this one printer.
  • We troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise.
  • We install updates when available.
  • Our professionals repair and maintain the toner and all the inventory needed to keep your printer from interruptions. This releases your office manager from having to take the time to calculate all the required supplies for several machines. This dramatically cuts company costs.
  • The capabilities of our multifunction printer are limitless.

Start Saving Today

Your company boss will be elated to hear you have a great way to cut office costs and be more efficient. Additionally, our multifunction printers,

  • Produces excellent marketing materials.
  • Produces clean and sharp financial reports.
  • Saves employee time.
  • Save companies money.
  • Increases employee productivity.
  • Increases employee efficiency.

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