Security Measures for Your Remote Workers


These days, business doesn't have to be done in the office. Often, there are workers in other locations who can keep up with everything that's going on in the office. Hard-working remote workers add a lot of value to the business, but they must stick to the same security measures that workers in your office do. If remote workers aren't serious about security, they can cause untold damage to the network.

Password Training

Passwords are a part of everyday life, but that doesn't mean that everyone knows how to choose them. Often, workers will choose simple passwords, such as their name or a number like 1234. Passwords that are easily guessed make up a large percentage of the passwords people choose, and hackers know this all too well. If your company has remote workers who are lax on passwords because they don't think anyone will try to hack them, they are the perfect target for a data breach.

Stronger Security

Hacking and guessing passwords is now so pervasive that two-factor authentication is often necessary. With this network security measure, remote workers would use their password as one of two ways to authenticate their identity. That way, if a password is leaked or guessed, there is still another layer of security to get through. This layer is often a personal question that a hacker wouldn't know the answer to. Or, a security code can be texted to the worker as another password. There are also biometric checks that can be implemented.

Data Encryption

Encrypting the data streams that are being sent to and from your business is a vital way to keep their data safe. Encryption is used from one end to the next both to and from the company's network to allow no window of opportunity for hackers. With the data fully encrypted, anything that is intercepted is entirely unusable. It remains encrypted when it is intercepted, putting none of your company's data in nefarious hands.

To keep your company network secure and its data safer, contact us today about better network security.