Tips for Government Agencies to Secure MFPs and Save Money


The multifunction printer is so versatile that is gets plenty of usage in the typical office. Often, as with government agencies, there is a large fleet of printers that allows many employees the opportunity to use an MFP all at once. To save a government agency money, there are ways to better use your fleet of printers so that there is no waste and the cost of using them doesn't balloon.

The Number of Printers

Most government agencies need multiple printers, but that doesn't mean that some of them aren't being wasted. If you have so many of them, and only a few of those are really needed, the others are a waste of space and the electricity needed to keep them ready for use. Go through the entire MFP fleet and look at whether each printer is in good condition and uses up-to-date security features to keep its data streams safe from hackers. There may be a few that can be gotten rid of to save money for the agency.

Look for State Contracts

If your office doesn't have enough multifunction printers, or there are a few of them that need to be replaced, there are ways to get the up-front cost of each MFP down. Often, your state will have contracts with specific providers that give that entity a much better price on what it buys. Find out whether your state has a contract that will allow you to get printers at a steep discount. It's also worth checking to see if it also has a printer repair contract to further save money for your agency.

Knowing Your Office Data

When anyone in the office is given unrestricted access to the printers, the cost of printing can skyrocket. It's wise to occasionally do an audit of printer use to find out what is being printed and whether all of those items really needed to be. You may find out that employees are also using those printers for personal needs. Encouraging employees to lower how much they print and to ensure that only much-needed documents are being printed will lower the agency's overall print costs every month and year.

When you're ready to find out what the latest multifunction printers can do for your agency, contact us to find out more.