Understanding Data Breaches for Greater Network Security

network security

These days, virtually every business is afraid of having a data breach, and for good reason. There are so many breaches happening with so many businesses from large to small that it's a necessary worry. To be more secure, it's important to know what a data breach is and how they can happen to a company's computer network.

Stolen Data

In most data breaches, the intent is to steal some of the data held by the company and to use it by either selling it or using it to take out credit cards or to buy products. It can be difficult to know whether the data has actually been stolen during an attack on a network, though. In general, if there has been a cyber attack that has made private data able to be viewed by the hacker, it's assumed that the hacker did something to take some of that data. It could be taking screenshots, copying and pasting it elsewhere, downloading it to a thumb drive or even posting the information somewhere public so that others can steal it.

Encryption and Passwords

Two of the biggest lines of defense against these breaches is to secure the data streams within your network with high-level encryption. This encryption should be end-to-end encryption so that the stream is always protected. Another defense is to have good passwords that are complicated and not easily guessed. In addition, many IT professionals suggest changing those passwords every so often so that the network will still be secure even if a data breach reveals those passwords. These two lines of defense can go a long way toward keeping private data safe.

Monitored Networks

For the best network security, the network should be monitored so that any hack or data breach is immediately seen. When companies don't have any network monitoring, a breach can go on for months without the companies knowing about them. Sometimes, months or longer will go by, and the company never realized that their system was hacked. This leaves all of their data, even new data coming in, at risk fo being stolen. Network monitoring can shut down a hack at the very beginning before the valuable data they are after gets exposed.

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