Underused Features of Multifunction Printers

loading paper into tray

The use of multifunction printers in the office is highly beneficial to most businesses. However, there may be a few features of your MFP that you haven't used simply because you weren't aware of them.

Various Binding Options

Many of todays multifunction printers have added features that save your clerical workers time. Instead of having an assistant collate papers or punch through them with a three-hole punch, you can get the printer to do those things instead. You can have the printer staple reports together, saving quite a bit of time for large print runs. You can also print on tri-fold paper and have the printer fold them. All of these are manual tasks that no one in your office will have to do again as long as you take advantage of these printer features.

Scanning Documents

If you want to save room in your office and manage your documents more easily, you will have to digitize them. This will allow you to save countless documents in your computer network instead of in rows and rows of filing cabinets. And to get started, you don't need a specialized scanner to do all of that digitizing. Most multifunction printers can also function as scanners, allowing you to take care of both tasks from one compact machine. These machines scan quickly and can be used to get your documents saved into your computer network for safekeeping.

Faxing Documents

The fax machine has been around for a long time, and it's still needed in the office, but it isn't necessary to have a dedicated fax machine anymore. Most multifunction printers are able to fax documents and to give you a record of the message being sent. This means not needing a separate fax machine or outsourcing your faxing to a print shop. Faxing from your MFP can be done in just a few seconds, getting your documents into the right hands right away. Keep customers and vendors happy by getting what they need to them right away without any long wait times or hassles. Being able to do so much from one machine will cut down on frustration as well as keeping business going smoothly.

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