Which Type of Office Equipment Could Make Your Workplace More Efficient?

There are two major elements that make an office productive: its equipment and its people. We can’t help you with the people (though hopefully you’ve already got a rock-star team), but we can certainly point you in the right direction in terms of office equipment.

Office Equipment That Boosts Productivity

There are a number of different types of office equipment that can boost your team’s productivity….


Excellent Chairs

If you’ve ever tried to work while suffering from back or joint pain, then you know that this isn’t conducive to excellence. This makes your office furniture—especially chairs—of critical importance to your overall workplace efficiency.

Of course, the ‘chair budget’ will vary from company to company, but there are a number of elements to look for when selecting ergonomic chairs:

  • Adjustability: being able to adjust the chair in terms of seat height is critical, since your workers will be of varying heights. A chair with adjustable height is one of the most important ergonomic factors.

  • Back and Lumbar Support: the biggest cause of backaches amongst office workers is chairs with poor spine and lumbar support. Look for chairs with added lumbar support and that aren’t too firm or soft. Bonus points for adjustable or removable lumbar support or cushioning. If this isn’t in the budget consider pads or separate lumbar cushions.

  • Stability: chairs with five points of contact with the ground provide better stability for the user, which can keep them from teetering over and pulling a muscle.


Document Management Devices

Did you know that 90% of the paperwork touched in a single day is merely shuffled or sorted through? That’s a huge amount of wasted hours. Additionally, the average company spends $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a document that’s been misfiled, and over $200 on lost documents.

While many companies focus more on document creation than document management, the real efficiency gains are made in management. A document management solution can vastly improve your office efficiency, as it greatly reduces the hours a day your staff spends shuffling and sorting documents.

Features like cloud storage, card copy, and scan-to-file can cut thousands of hours from your budget. This frees up workers for creation—and exponentially increases their efficiency. Learn more about document management at our informational page.


Carefully-Selected Multifunction Printers

High-quality all in one color copiers that are carefully-selected for your needs can do more than just create vibrant marketing materials and other company documents. They can also increase the productivity and efficiency of your workers.

For example, after printing a document, noticing it needs a couple of changes, going to your desk to retrieve a document, open it with an imaging program, and making final touches at your desk, you could simply make those adjustments at the printer. Or, during a power meeting where a team sketched up a document, your employees could print it from their tablet or mobile devices, instead of going back to their desk, uploading it to their computer, printing it, retrieving it, and returning to the meeting (where their colleagues sat waiting).

A multifunction printer can increase your security protocol, save workers valuable minutes (or hours), customize workflows, offer on-the-go printing, and distribute your documents from the comfort of one employee’s desk.


High-Tech Phone Systems

A high-tech phone system offers a number of productivity gains:

  • It can empower your employees to continue their conversations on-the-go through ‘find me’ or ‘follow me’ software.

  • It can allow users to quickly read a voicemail transcript, instead of having to log in to their voicemail and listen to a lengthy message.

  • They can offer unified messaging that sends not only voicemails but also faxes to employee emails, for quicker accessand more effective searches for specific messages.

  • One-button conference call services can help keep your employees from having to travel for meetings.


So—your office equipment can and will make a significant difference. While saving you thousands of hours in lost productivity, it can also boost existing productivity and efficiency levels.

For a conversation about how office technology like document management and multifunction printers can increase your specific office’s efficiency, give us a call today.

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