Is Your MFP HIPAA Compliant?


The compliance laws around HIPAA are rigorous, and they must be met with full privacy for patients. Not complying with these guidelines can be serious enough to force your company to pay stiff fees and penalties. To avoid being driven out of business for data leaks, it's important to make sure that every facet of your business keeps data private from anyone who doesn't need it. That includes having a multi-function printer that has adequate security features.

Print Security

Your MFP isn't technically a computer, but it does have some of the components of one. And, it has a data stream sent to it like any office computer or Smartphone. While you keep the phones and computer network secure from hackers, you may not have thought to do the same thing with your MFP. However, not doing so places that data stream at risk of being interceptive and downloaded by a third-party who wants to take that private data and sell it. No printing should be done unless your MFP has today's best security features to keep the data stream encrypted and private.

Secure Print Feature

Even if you have a data stream that is fully encrypted from end to end, the hard copy that was printed can still be stolen from the printer tray. That's where secure print comes in. With this feature, The printed pages are held inside the MFP until you're ready to go and get the pages and give it the signal to release them. This feature means that no one sees the printed copies until you have specifically released them to the outside of the machine. It keeps them secure and away from anyone who could take a photo to steal the data or simply take the paper with them.

Safety Updates

Like all modern tech, your MFP will have the occasional software update. It's easy to let these slide in an office, with many employees thinking that someone else will take care of loading the updates. However, not doing so can place your data in danger of theft. Many of the updates that become available are security fixes to stop hackers who have found a way around its security. Be sure to do every update available to your MFP, and do it as quickly as the updates are offered.

If you're ready for an MFP with all the safety features needed to stay HIPAA compliant, contact us today.