Improve Office Efficiency with an MFP


The multifunction printer is a valuable machine in every office. The many features of the average MFP make a wide range of office tasks easier. If you have at least one in your office, be prepared for more efficiency from your workers.

Getting More Done

Real efficiency means cutting down the time needed for tasks so that more can get done in less time. When employees have access to a multifunction printer, they have more ways to get things done. They also have more ways to do multiple tasks all at the same time. Without an MFP, a worker could easily print out a multi-page document, waiting for it to be finished. Then, the papers would go onto a table to be checked and collated. Then, each of the collated piles would need to be stapled together. All of these can now be done on an MFP all at once, and it's fast and easy to do.

Office Benefits of Mobile Printing

mobile printing

If you're looking for the easiest way to make your team more efficient, mobile printing might be just the solution you need. Mobile printing makes it easy to simplify and streamline your workflows, leading to a more productive enterprise and happier workers. While the most obvious benefit is the ability to print documents from anywhere outside the office, there are secondary benefits for the business leadership team and employees alike. Here is a look at just a few of the ways mobile printing helps keep your business moving and benefits each member of your workforce. 

Steps to Improved Information Security with Document Management

data security

In every company, documents serve a vital role. Taking care of them and keeping them secure has become more difficult in the last few years, however. More and more criminals have discovered how valuable stolen data can be, and taking documents from any company can serve them financially. That's why today's businesses have to increase their focus on the role of document management to the security of their documents.

Staying in Control of Documents

The way that documents are handled internally can dictate just how safe they are. That's why the company has to stay in control of the documents, who sees them and where they are allowed to be stored. Digital document management is a way to take out the risk of hard copies being stolen. It keeps these forms in digital form, and that will make them easier to secure. They can be made accessible only by specific personnel with a password instead of being kept in a filing cabinet where they can be stolen and taken off-site.

Tips for Government Agencies to Secure MFPs and Save Money


The multifunction printer is so versatile that is gets plenty of usage in the typical office. Often, as with government agencies, there is a large fleet of printers that allows many employees the opportunity to use an MFP all at once. To save a government agency money, there are ways to better use your fleet of printers so that there is no waste and the cost of using them doesn't balloon.

Document Management for the Modern Workforce

document management

Your business is a modern business. You use the latest technologies to keep the office running and to keep track of employees, data, office expenses, etc. You make sure that your company has the latest gadgets to keep up with the competition. So, if you're still using a paper system of organizing your documents, why are you letting your office fall behind the competition?

Understanding Data Breaches for Greater Network Security

network security

These days, virtually every business is afraid of having a data breach, and for good reason. There are so many breaches happening with so many businesses from large to small that it's a necessary worry. To be more secure, it's important to know what a data breach is and how they can happen to a company's computer network.

Stolen Data

In most data breaches, the intent is to steal some of the data held by the company and to use it by either selling it or using it to take out credit cards or to buy products. It can be difficult to know whether the data has actually been stolen during an attack on a network, though. In general, if there has been a cyber attack that has made private data able to be viewed by the hacker, it's assumed that the hacker did something to take some of that data. It could be taking screenshots, copying and pasting it elsewhere, downloading it to a thumb drive or even posting the information somewhere public so that others can steal it.

Is Your MFP HIPAA Compliant?


The compliance laws around HIPAA are rigorous, and they must be met with full privacy for patients. Not complying with these guidelines can be serious enough to force your company to pay stiff fees and penalties. To avoid being driven out of business for data leaks, it's important to make sure that every facet of your business keeps data private from anyone who doesn't need it. That includes having a multi-function printer that has adequate security features.

How to Choose a Mobile Printing Solution

mobile print

The use of mobile printing allows for far more flexibility for employees. Having this printing capability allows them to print from virtually anywhere, giving them the power to be more productive. Here's how you can choose the best mobile printing option for your business.

Accessible Printing

When you have mobile print, it's far easier for printing to be done no matter what the time or the day. A sick employee can print from home. An employee in a remote area can print from their vacation. This accessibility makes every employee more productive. Choosing a mobile printing solution should come down to what your employees need from this printing ability. If a person needs to be able to pick up a document while on the road, the print solution should include the anility to print at a third-party site such as a copy shop.


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