How Document Management Improves Business

document management

When you think about all of the things that could be improved at your company, you may not think that much about the documents themselves. All of those documents that are created and collected must be stored away for future needs. But, how are they being stored? Is there time being wasted on this when it could be more efficient? Here's how your business can be improved by a different kind of document management.

How to Keep Your Network Secure

network security

Every business has an IT network that is a target of hackers. These days, any business of any size may be attacked by criminals using malware. However, there are many ways that you can make your network more secure and keep criminals out of it.

It Starts With Passwords

No matter which network security measures you use on your network, if you have weak passwords that are easily guessed and never changed, it will be easy to get into your network. The passwords that you and your employees choose should be complex and not simple words that can be found in a dictionary. Make sure that everyone knows to choose mixed characters, such as letters and numbers, and to keep the password secure so that no one can get it from them. Being careless with passwords makes it far easier for criminals to get into your computer network.

Energy Saving Tips for Your MFP

save energy

The electric bill of any business is one of the larger monthly expenses from the office. Anything that can be done to save energy, pay less for electricity and benefit the environment at the same time is always sought after. If your office has a multifunction printer, here are a few ways your company can save money on power to its MFP.

Benefits of Mobile Printing from the Cloud

mobile print

The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed in virtually every segment of the population. This has made it possible for people to work on a wide variety of devices that they can use in the office or out of it. With mobile printing, the items in the cloud that are being securely stored can be printed from any of these devices as needed for the ultimate in convenience.

Prevent Employee Burnout with Document Management

employee burnout

The problem of burnout among employees is a major problem in fast-paced businesses. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent this burnout in the office.

Let Communication Flow

When it's hard for employees to communicate and collaborate, it's stressful. It can make ordinary tasks take much longer than they should, and it can add to the feeling or burnout. With document management, you can prevent this frustration and complexity. When documents are scanned and organized online, it's far easier for employees to access them when they need them. For an employee who simply needs to send a document to another, it can be done in seconds. With easier collaboration and communication that takes only seconds, the frustration is gone.

Questions to Ask About a Managed IT Agreement

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The use of managed IT to create and maintain better network security is getting more and more common among businesses of every size. Before you decide on a managed IT agreement, ask these questions about your business and what it needs.

What Do You Want the Professionals to Handle?

Your computer network in the office is complex, and there are a lot of aspects to it that need attention from IT workers. Before choosing a managed IT agreement, consider which tasks you can easily handle in the office and which ones need to be outsourced. Exactly what will you count on your managed IT team to do? Once you've identified which aspects your business needs help with, you can ensure that those services are included in the agreement that you sign.

Benefits of Mobile Printing

mobile print

The ability to print is helpful any time it's possible, and today's mobile printing makes it possible for you to print from just about anywhere.

Sending Your Printing Job

Instead of requiring that you be at your desktop or even your full-range laptop to print, mobile printing allows you to use a wide range of mobile devices to send your print instructions. Your smartphone, tablet or even a small laptop that is portable can be used to send the print job through. As long as you have an Ethernet or wi-fi connection, you can use these devices to send the printing project through to any connected printer. An employee can be anywhere they need to be, getting other things done, and still submit that print job and get it all printed.

Document Management in the Age of the Cloud

cloud documents

The management of documents has changed a lot in the past two decades. Today, it's easier than ever to have documents stored securely while still being easy to retrieve and to collaborate. Here's how modern document management works with the cloud.

Data Safety

In today's document management, all documents to be kept are digitized for storage in the cloud. This means that each one has either been created in the computer system and kept there or it is scanned in once it's been created and used in its digital form. Data is one of the valuable assets of a business, and it's increasingly important to keep it safe. A data breach is less likely if there are no paper documents to lose or steal. With all of them kept safely in digital form, there is more security for them and less liability potential on your part.

Reasons Your Company Should be Using Managed Network Services


The many items today that contain internet connectivity seems to be growing as more and more items join the internet of things. Keeping that connectivity organized and safe often requires using managed network services.

Networks Get More Complicated

A decade ago, most of the internet-connected items in an office would be the connected business computers. Today, mobile devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and even watches, are all tapping into that computer network. This can make it harder to keep every device safe and to ensure that none of them invites in a virus that could infect the entire network. Using managed network services is one way to monitor just what is going on with your network and to have better control over it as a whole.


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