5 Reasons Small Businesses Need an MFP

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We get it, if you're a small business owner, you need to make smart choices on investments and business operations. It's how most of us started out. In addition to being aware and analytical, there are times when you do have to make the jump and invest in a device or system that will really benefit your business in the long run. One of these investments is in a multifunction printer or MFP. Buying an MFP is a step where your business recognizes growth and the need for efficiency while noting that it's time to focus in print operations for oversight.

4 Printer Features for a Secure Workplace

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Your office security doesn't stop at badges and passwords. Print security is a major issue for some businesses, and the only way to figure out the best solution is to review your print environment and make a few simple changes to bump up protection. Luckily, with a pro team of print experts, it's easy to evaluate what you need (and find things you don't need!) and take your print environment to a new level of security.

Office Security Starts at the Printer

This is true, and overlooking print security is one of the big problems that can come back around even larger than you imagine. Take the proactive approach to print and you'll always be glad you did.

Here are the top four printer features you'll want to prioritize to ensure that your office is protected across the network.

3 Ways to Get Ahead with Document Management

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Document management is the way to work with clients in today's business, and moving into the future. That's the reality check - if you're not there yet, it's time to consider upgrading your office to a digital space so that you can stay competitive as everyone works online.

It's not too late to get document management, and your business will be right there in the digital game. You don't want to wait too long though so that it's a major shift when you make it, or customers leave your business because it's inconvenient to work offline.

Since you're on board and interested, read on to see how you can get ahead with document management.

Why Document Management is the Secret for Tomorrow's Workplace

Document management takes all your current files, historical data, and active projects and puts it online so you can view, email, edit, and access from anywhere.

Find your Partner in Network Security

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Network security is not something that your business has to conquer alone. It's an overwhelming endeavor - secure the entire network against everything, even currently unknown threats - and most businesses are focused on their daily operations.

Your network security partner is a team of experienced professionals who focus entirely on just that - network security - and looking out for additional threats and risks that may not even be on your radar. It's an essential part of a business but realistically, it's one that many managers overlook because of the time commitment and the lack of expertise in the office.

That's where finding a partner you trust comes in. Network security is functional when you share your needs, business operations, and potential threats, and the experts take it from there. Go easy on your team by outsourcing the hard stuff so you can focus on innovation and building your business.

Choose the Multifunction Printer for Success

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It's a new year in your office, and everyone is operating at full functionality. A manager's dream! How can you keep this going? Make sure that you have everything you need to keep productivity and morale up so that your employees will keep working hard, and enjoying their jobs. Happy employees make better workers!

Look for success where it's easiest first - the office equipment that you use every day. Where to start? The printer, of course!

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Print

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Think about life without mobile access for a minute: pre-cell phone, email on your phone, before text was a different time entirely, huh?

Now that everything is on your smartphone, there's not really any reason to pretend that mobile shouldn't infiltrate all aspects of business. It makes more sense, it's easy for employees to use, and it increases productivity.

Mobile print is the next layer of mobile access that will not only make operations simpler, but provides secure access to printing for employees that use personal or company devices at work.

Mobile Print Operations

Mobile print is simple - any device connected to the network can print to any network printer.

5 Things to Consider when Selecting Document Management Solutions

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Considering a document management system for your business to go digital? Many businesses have shifted from hard copy to paperless operations, and the fact is, no one's going back - now is the best time to get on board.

Document Management Explained

Document management is an online, secure system that includes scanned historical data organized in files with all incoming documents, materials, contracts and resources. Anything your business uses to communicate is digital with document management.

5 Things to Consider

The top considerations when selecting a document management solution include:

Printer Security is a Critical Aspect of Business

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As you consider all the ways to secure your company network, you don't want to take any shortcuts. It's essential to invest in IT solutions that take a proactive approach to data security, to use anti-virus software (and keep it updated!), and ensure employees are trained on how to spot a threat and make safe practices a habit.

In addition to these steps, you'll also want to make sure that ALL devices on your network are protected which includes your printer.

Printers are key player in network security, but the impact of the device often is overlooked. Don't leave holes in your security strategy!

Read on to learn more about how to protect your business from the threats you didn't consider.

How Printer Security Helps You

Remember that if your printer has access to the internet, it is just as vulnerable as any other office device.

Does my Multifunction Printer Need Color?

Is your company evaluating your need for a new multifunction printer(mfp)? If so, you might be asking the age old question - does my device need color?

The question usually poses the efficiency of color vs. black and white for business needs. While the dilemma makes sense from a rational standpoint (color can seem like a luxury at first), the reality is that color makes more sense from a brand standpoint. Also, addressing some common concerns immediately - like employees over printing and using color at all - can make the answer more obvious.

4 Ways Mobile Printing Benefits Your Organization

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There are plenty of ways technology benefits your organization, for example by improving convenience and accessibility.

Mobile printing is one of these technological benefits. It's a simple concept with great benefits. Mobile print is the ability to send a document to print from any mobile device on the network, such as a smartphone, tablet, or small laptop.

Mobile Print for Today’s Workforce

Mobile print can be a game changer in the high tech offices we operate in, and it meets employees where they are, which is usually on the go.

Mobile print makes it possible to print when necessary without the constant runaround or break in workflow when you have to go back to a machine to print.


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