Secure Your Printer! 3 Things to Consider

Secure Your Printer! 3 Things to Consider

Not to frighten you, but printer security is more of an urgent office concern than many realize. Printer security can impact your entire database, office operations, and client relations. Why? Because it's easier to hack a printer, network, or hard drive than you might think.

How to focus on safety? Invest in the right kind of printer, with the special protections that you need, and you'll be miles ahead of the risks and threats that come your way.

Reduce Risk with an MFP

multifunction printer, or mfp, is one of the most advanced tools for implementing printer security options at your office. The mfp can thwart many threats, such as hard drive issues, leaving documents unattended, overprinting, exposure, and more.

Here are a few of the most common departments and regulations that benefit from printer security. Consider these departmental needs when updating your printer or considering your security.

Get More Done with Mobile Printing

Get More Done with Mobile Printing

Everyone works on the go now, and with more mobile workers means more mobile deliverables. Get your office on the road with mobile printing, so you can wow your clients from anywhere.

Mobile Printing and the Digital Office

Document management is a crucial feature for mobile printing since it sets a standard that your office will operate digitally for all projects. With that, mobile printing is a quick partner for success.

How to get started

Talk to a vendor today about how to implement mobile printing solutions into your workplace. It's simple to implement, and with a few quick training sessions, your employees will be using it all the time.

5 Critical Ways Document Management Makes Collaboration Easier

5 Critical Ways Document Management Makes Collaboration Easier

Office collaboration is the new wave of working relationships, and it's here to stay. Cooperation is essential because departments don't live in silos like they used to, and every effort may have a subsequent consequence.

For example, if you are doing an IT upgrade, you would involve many departments from HR to communications to operations to ensure that everyone knew what was happening and you manage the project across the organization.

Collaboration took on a whole new life with document management or the age of the digital office. Read on.

If you don't have it - what's document management?

Document management is the process of creating a digital, paperless office and the resulting operating workflow. Mainly, it is scanning all historical documents and shifting operations to be entirely digital, including signatures, project management, and more.

3 Cyber Attacks that Can Bring Down Your Business

3 Cyber Attacks that Can Bring Down Your Business

Whether you are running a small business or a large corporation, cyber attacks are a real risk and hazard to the continuation of your company. Many companies have a policy for cybersecurity, but a shocking number of organizations do not, even though over 40% of cyber attaches target small and medium-sized businesses.

Know the Risks

It's hard to stay ahead of cyber attacks without specialized training, because the tactics and targets for attacks change rapidly, and sometimes morph between methods completely.

Network security solutions are the best way to learn about risks, protect your organization, and invest in a team to look out for what type of online attack could bring your business down.

Below are three types of attacks that can have a massive impact on your business, but can also be prevented or mitigated with the right network security.

6 Things to Know About Choosing an MFP

6 Things to Know About Choosing an MFP

Your primary office operations machine is the multifunction printer or MFP. Today's MFP brings together critical office functions like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing in one location and one device for efficiency.

If you don't already own a multifunction printer, or you are investing in a new one, make sure that you take the project and considerations seriously. Below are a few necessary things to research as you learn about products.

MFP Basics

Consider the features and questions outlined below when making your investment.

1. Evaluate Security Options

Every MFP comes with security options, but which are most important? Password protected printing is essential, as is a secure network connection. Work with your vendor to understand what is available.

What Mobile Printing Does for You

What Mobile Printing Does for You

Mobile printing might be the new kid on the block for work from anywhere accessibility, but it's not going away any time soon.

Time to invest? Read below to learn more and decide.

How Mobile Printing Works

Mobile printing means you can use an app on your phone to send a document to the printer from anywhere, as long as the network is set up. Previously, staff who travel between office locations or take meetings all day weren't able to print in a way that fit with their on-the-go schedule, but mobile printing changes the game for preparation and document access.

Complement the Mobile Workforce

The mobile workforce is today's workforce - there's no fighting it, so it's time to join in. Even better, make it easier for your employees to function off-site so that you're going with the flow and making the mobile workforce your best workforce ever.

4 Ways to Save Time with Document Management

4 Ways to Save Time with Document Management

Going digital means that you are prioritizing workflow, efficiency, time management, and organizational effectiveness. As a manager, these attributes can make or break your company.

The best way to go digital and save time and money is to invest in document management. Your business will become more productive just by digitizing the right way.

Document Management Solves Office Issues

Many office problems involve operations and productivity. These issues don't always come back on employees, though. By establishing the best systems for your team, you can set them up for success.

Save Time

Document management has significant benefits for any business, but the overarching positive impact is saving time. Imagine finding files, organizing materials, increasing security, and storing documents all in an easier to use, simplified system. Document management is your answer.

Here are the details:

6 Quick Ways to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Security Hack

6 Quick Ways to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Security Hack

Cybercrime - including data breaches, hacks, theft, and more, cost victims $172 billion in 2017.

Many business owners remember a time when this type of crime wasn't even a threat, and now it can severely impact businesses of all sizes in any location. What can an owner or manager do to mitigate this risk?

Network Security

Network security can manage network, software, and security issues and protect your business from current or future cybercrime threats.

Having a professional evaluate your network for vulnerabilities and even breaches can be a good place to start, but you'll want to be proactive from there.

How to Protect Your Business?

Awareness of the threat is a start, as is a professional evaluation. There are many ways that businesses can make an effort to prevent serious cyber security issues, and in the end, working with a professional team to ensure network security may be the best answer.

  • Implement security solutions like passwords

  • Update software and protections regularly

  • Invest in firewall or other network security functions

  • Separate guest and business wifi

  • Have an off-site data storage backup system

  • Change wifi passwords regularly

Network Security Solutions

Your data and network security shouldn't be an ongoing stressor for you. Take the worry off your plate by partnering with a network management team that will protect your business and look out for possible threats.

Network security teams work to protect and monitor activity and security for your business. Keep operations running full speed without the constant worry about online threats or disruptions.

In addition to protecting data and software, network security can:

  • Prevent security breaches through careful, consistent monitoring
  • Prevent file corruption
  • Help internal IT staff focus on local device and operating software issues
  • Ensure transactions and processing are secure
  • Protect your network from unauthorized use

Classic Business Products has a team of network security specialists that can oversee your business protection. Get in touch today to stay safe.

Buyer's Guide to a New MFP

Buyer's Guide to a New MFP

You're buying a new multifunction printer (mfp) - great! But how to make sure you get it right? Here are a few key tips to start you out.

Know What You Need

You already know you need a printer, but what features will most help manage your office workflow? Instead of just running in and buying the best (or cheapest) machine, spend a few minutes understanding specific requirements for your office.

Do you want email capability? Copying? Scan to email or fax? Understanding what your employees want, need, and use will simplify your search process and ensure that the device you select fits with your operations.

There are other big picture features that may be important as well. For example, if your office prioritizes sustainability, you may look for a machine that reduces waste and paper use. Consider all priorities when upgrading.

Design Your Mobile Print Strategy

Design Your Mobile Print Strategy

It's time to get started with mobile print if you haven't established a platform yet. Mobile print solutions are here to help your team with their active work styles, mobile offices, and interconnected agendas.

An excellent mobile printing solution will meet all the print requirements of your company and make the transition smooth. When selecting a platform, it's important to understand what your office needs - and what you can do without.

Identify Your Needs

Your office may have a mobile workforce or a few satellite offices. You may have a team that travels, or everyone may be in and out a lot. Understand who needs the service, who will use the platform, and most importantly, HOW they will use it.

Then, ask questions! We made this part easy for you by offering some essential questions about mobile printing below.


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