Fix Security Concerns by Fixing Your Office Printer

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For any business, a security breach is a constant lingering concern. Your colleagues as business owners and managers have definitely either experienced a security breach or shared horror stories of how they can sink a business.

That's why you want to evaluate all possible portals for hackers, which includes your office printer. Securing each network device, including your printer and copier, can help to avoid a tricky data hack from somewhere you may not expect, like your equipment.

Here are a few things to know as you look to your office devices to increase security.

Time to Upgrade

The first thing to realize is that in order to face today's threats, you may have to upgrade your machine.

That's okay, because the cost is definitely worth protecting your business, and a skilled vendor can help you find what you need on your budget.

Mobile Printing for Business Use

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Take a second and look around - is everyone you see on their phone? Probably. They’re working, emailing, on social media, texting, and making connections.

Is your office this mobile? Can you do everything you need to do to be productive and efficient on the go. It’s worth thinking about, and if the answer is no, time to step up.

What is Mobile Printing?

Mobile printing is one of the key mobile solutions to consider. Of course, email, collaboration, and project management are online, but can you print from your phone for convenience and better productivity?

Mobile printing means you can print from a mobile phone or other mobile devices, often printing immediately when you give the command on your device. In some offices, you can hit print and then confirm at the printer depending on your security systems.

5 Ways Document Management Supports Healthcare Providers

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Document management is the big shift in business, and it’s definitely arrived in 2018. If you’ve put off going digital in your healthcare practice because you are waiting for the next big tech development - you may have the wrong idea.

Every business is digital, which means all updates from here on will be digital. If you put your healthcare practice off from going paperless because of the complicated processes with providers, HIPAA regulations, and compliance, eventually you’ll have further to go to catch up - and it could be the end of your healthcare practice. Start today - read on.

Healthcare Concerns

Concerns for healthcare are unique, but document management addresses them all.

3 Reasons to Avoid Downtime

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If you think downtime is an essential part of every technology-heavy business, you’re not thinking like today’s businesses.

Many owners still think downtime is necessary for updates and improving systems, but the reality is that there are better options for your network security.

Invest in network security, without losing sight of your business goals. Downtime can be expensive, intrusive, and frustrating.

Downtime Means Less Business

You know this - every time your business goes into downtime, it means no transactions.

This can seem alright, if it’s at night, but not when you’re a growing company. You may have to make a correction, or adapt a product, and you need constant availability.

4 Critical Questions for Buying Your Next MFP

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You’re ready to make a purchase of your next multifunction printer (mfp) but you want to make sure you’ve done all the research.

Don’t dive in without asking the right questions. Make sure your selected vendor will partner with you through the research, like the team at Classic Business Products.

4 Questions

Here are the top questions customers need to ask. Also, make sure that you take a little extra time to check on the priority features for you, your employees, and your management teams to make the best purchase for the company.

And take the time to ask these critical questions - don’t let them be overlooked!

4 Benefits of Mobile Printing

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Have you heard about mobile printing? Many businesses have missed this advanced technology, or not implemented it in their business because it didn't seem obviously helpful.

It's important to research a little more, though. Mobile printing can make a huge difference in your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and printing costs.

Get Mobile

Mobile printing lets you print from any phone or tablet (or other mobile device) to a networked and web-enabled printer. You can print anything that is print ready with mobile print.


Why do you want to mobile print? If you're not convinced yet, read some reasons below to join the other businesses already on board.

1. Employee Productivity

Employees can print during a meeting, reducing wasted paper if something didn't need to be printed, and making it easier to view important documents.

How Document Management Saves Your Business

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Your company's future depends on more than if you can build your business and excel against the competition. It also really depends on if you can manage your business in today's world, stay up to date with new changes, and operate your company in the way that is easiest for customers and most efficient for employees.

It might seem like a lot to ask, but the reality is that there are answers and solutions to almost everything holding you back. Take, for example, document management. Today's businesses practically require a digital office instead of hard copy management. And luckily, the answer is easy - electronic document management solutions.

Digital Days are Here

Using document management can make your business operations efficient, flexible, and easier to use, so they don't seem dated.

4 Reasons Cloud Management Equals Network Security

4 Reasons Cloud Management Equals Network Security

Security is one of the biggest stressors for business owners and office managers. And it makes sense - today, almost all of your office information and data is at risk. The threat of a hack or leak has increased in all aspects of business, making it harder to get on top of protecting your network and information.

That's where cloud management comes in. For network security, storing documents and files in the cloud means that you can add as many layers of protection as you need to files. Maybe that's encryption, passwords, accessibility options, and more. Read on to learn more about how you can invest in network security by investing in the cloud.

Secure Your Network

Network security really starts with the right business partner. Here are some of the benefits to focusing on protections.

1. No more lost files

Secure Your Printer! 3 Things to Consider

Secure Your Printer! 3 Things to Consider

Not to frighten you, but printer security is more of an urgent office concern than many realize. Printer security can impact your entire database, office operations, and client relations. Why? Because it's easier to hack a printer, network, or hard drive than you might think.

How to focus on safety? Invest in the right kind of printer, with the special protections that you need, and you'll be miles ahead of the risks and threats that come your way.

Reduce Risk with an MFP

multifunction printer, or mfp, is one of the most advanced tools for implementing printer security options at your office. The mfp can thwart many threats, such as hard drive issues, leaving documents unattended, overprinting, exposure, and more.

Here are a few of the most common departments and regulations that benefit from printer security. Consider these departmental needs when updating your printer or considering your security.

Get More Done with Mobile Printing

Get More Done with Mobile Printing

Everyone works on the go now, and with more mobile workers means more mobile deliverables. Get your office on the road with mobile printing, so you can wow your clients from anywhere.

Mobile Printing and the Digital Office

Document management is a crucial feature for mobile printing since it sets a standard that your office will operate digitally for all projects. With that, mobile printing is a quick partner for success.

How to get started

Talk to a vendor today about how to implement mobile printing solutions into your workplace. It's simple to implement, and with a few quick training sessions, your employees will be using it all the time.


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