Four Easy Workflow Improvements for Your Office

Four Easy Workflow Improvements for Your Office

Office workflows have changed significantly in recent years. From hard copy papers, manual filing, and mailing to cloud-based storage, online files, and email, it's a different world today than before.

The reality is, if your business is still operating hard copy, you might be losing clients, wasting time, and complicating your workflow. Digital solutions are user-friendly and can streamline office processes quickly.

Still a bit reluctant? Read on.

Workflow Solutions

Workflow solutions can take many forms. Below, we line out a few elements of the modern office processes that save considerable time and money. Get started with these answers to your clunky office procedures today, and advance from there.

Is Your Network Security Enough?

Is Your Network Security Enough?

Think for a second about your network security solution - does it cover your whole office? Does it cover your online security and printed documents? It might be a good time to do an inventory of what your coverage includes.

Your data, files, and business property are the backbone of your business and protecting them is a high priority for any modern business manager. Threats like security breaches, malware attaches, and stolen information can bring down a company fast.

Understanding your network security and moving toward a more comprehensive strategy can save you from a devastating business loss.

Levels of Network Security

Network security can mean different things depending on who you ask. There are secure files, secure devices, and then hard drives and networks. The reality is that it's all network security. The more of these aspects you take care of, the more protected your office will be.

8 Things You Need in an MFP

8 Things You Need in an MFP

A multifunction printer or MFP is now an essential office tool. Small and medium-sized businesses recognize the efficiency of MFPs, which includes space savings and reduced supply costs.

From consolidating your office functions into one location to cutting back on wasted paper, an MFP is a good investment.

But how do you select a printer? It can be overwhelming to wade through the online information. Here, we've gathered information on key features to consider when making your purchase.

Your Multifunction Printer

Evaluate the below functions based on your organizational needs and work capacity.

1. High Volume Capability

If your office produces large volume jobs, you need consistent output and the ability to function with constant use.

Today's Mobile Office Solutions: Mobile Print

Today's Mobile Office Solutions: Mobile Print

There are plenty of office solutions that operate with our mobile lifestyle: from cloud storage to a digital office, it's easier than ever to collaborate, communicate, and work on the go.

Mobile Print Offerings

One of our favorite features in mobile is mobile print. This allows employees to print from anywhere on their mobile device. It's great for meetings, moving between clients or company locations, and business travel.

How can you find a product that supports all of your company's needs like mobile print? Work with an experienced provider that makes sure your specific business needs are met.

Employees Respond

We asked our employees how mobile print works for them, and we heard everything from "I love that I don't miss a step between meetings" to "I can walk into our second location across town ready to go for my presentation." If it works for us, we think it will work for you.

3 Ways Document Management Helps Collaboration

3 Ways Document Management Helps Collaboration

Document Management Answers

Document management is a service that aligns your files, historical data, and contracts - all documents, really - with your overall digital strategy.

Collaboration starts with document management as a cloud-based tool that improves accessibility and operations.

Wondering about document management? Here are some of the top ways that the service has improved collaboration at area businesses:

1. Version Control

Manage editing and versions with digital documents. If you're tired of getting confused about the master copy or editing the wrong version, this benefit alone will be the tipping point for you. Take the hassle out of collaborating by fixing the simple problems like version control.

Cloud Storage and Network Security

Cloud Storage and Network Security

Cloud storage is still relatively new on the market, so we don't entirely understand it yet. Unfortunately, that keeps many business managers away. People wonder where exactly their files are, and it's a little too difficult to picture.

However, don't let the concept scare you. Cloud storage is not only secure, but it provides resources for back up and data recovery. It can save your business when things get rough.

Cloud Storage is Everywhere

Cloud storage really just means increasing accessibility (you can access files from anywhere) and improving security. If you're investing in network security anyway, cloud storage is a good way to go.

4 Undeniable Benefits of A Multifunction Printer

4 Undeniable Benefits of A Multifunction Printer

Wondering if you need an MFP?

multifunction printer, or MFP, is more critical to an efficient office than you might think.

An mfp combines a printer, scanner, and copier with necessary functions like scan to email and fax.

It's an essential tool for many businesses, and it's probably a good idea for your company as well. We lined out a few benefits below.

1. Accessibility

Accessibility means a few things - you can access the machine from anywhere with features like mobile print, and you can also more easily access an mfp in your office since it's in a centralized location.

2. Quick Production

Multifunction devices are FAST. You can print large volume jobs in-house (most businesses do up to about 150 copies at a time) and not cause a printer line.

Are Open-Plan Offices a Good Idea?

Open-plan offices have become common in Louisiana, with roughly 70% of all offices utilizing this layout. If you aren’t aware, Wikipedia defines them as a "floor plan which makes use of large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms such as private offices."

But are they really a good idea? Experts actually claim that they could easily be considered one of the worst things to ever happen to worker productivity.

Why are open-plan offices such a bad idea, even though they were initially thought to be good for business? Knowing the many drawbacks associated with open offices will help business owners make the right decisions for their office layout and employees.


Open-Plan Offices

A Distracting and Irritating Environment

Lexmark Unveils New Business Printers

Our business partners in Houma, Morgan City, and Lafayette rely on the equipment we service to get their job done.

Lexmark printers are a mainstay of many offices, and now that Lexmark has unveiled seven brand new models, business owners have new and improved options to choose from if they want to upgrade.

The Lexmark lineup now includes additional A4 printers, along with even better multifunction models in both the 700 and 800 series. This allows the popular brand to tap into large, medium, and small sized business markets.

Lexmark Printer

The A4 for Smaller Offices


Does Your Business Need an Office Manager?

There’s already so many things to do and to consider when you are running an office, especially for a start-up. But when the daily tasks start to overwhelm, it might be time to hire an office manager. 

If you're in our service area (from Lafayette to Houma and Morgan City), and if you’ve been asking yourself if an office manager is necessary, take a look at common signs that will help you make the best decision for you and your growing business.

Time Isn’t On Your Side


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