What You Need To Know About Multifunction Printer Drivers


The printer driver located within your multifunction printer is an essential part of understanding. It determines many of the features your printer has, and it is capable of wireless communication and printing. To keep your printer fleet in good condition, you have to have the right printer drivers for the tasks employees need to do.

The Driver

Firstly, the printer driver is software. It is a type of program that makes it possible for computers to sync with the printer to print. The driver takes the data stream coming in and then converts it into a different format that allows the printer to understand it. Various printer types will have different printer drivers, depending on the model and brand of the machine. Each operating system that is used has its software just for it.

Improve Office Efficiency with an MFP


The multifunction printer is a valuable machine in every office. The many features of the average MFP make a wide range of office tasks easier. If you have at least one in your office, be prepared for more efficiency from your workers.

Getting More Done

Real efficiency means cutting down the time needed for tasks so that more can get done in less time. When employees have access to a multifunction printer, they have more ways to get things done. They also have more ways to do multiple tasks all at the same time. Without an MFP, a worker could easily print out a multi-page document, waiting for it to be finished. Then, the papers would go onto a table to be checked and collated. Then, each of the collated piles would need to be stapled together. All of these can now be done on an MFP all at once, and it's fast and easy to do.

Tips for Government Agencies to Secure MFPs and Save Money


The multifunction printer is so versatile that is gets plenty of usage in the typical office. Often, as with government agencies, there is a large fleet of printers that allows many employees the opportunity to use an MFP all at once. To save a government agency money, there are ways to better use your fleet of printers so that there is no waste and the cost of using them doesn't balloon.

Is Your MFP HIPAA Compliant?


The compliance laws around HIPAA are rigorous, and they must be met with full privacy for patients. Not complying with these guidelines can be serious enough to force your company to pay stiff fees and penalties. To avoid being driven out of business for data leaks, it's important to make sure that every facet of your business keeps data private from anyone who doesn't need it. That includes having a multi-function printer that has adequate security features.

Energy Saving Tips for Your MFP

save energy

The electric bill of any business is one of the larger monthly expenses from the office. Anything that can be done to save energy, pay less for electricity and benefit the environment at the same time is always sought after. If your office has a multifunction printer, here are a few ways your company can save money on power to its MFP.

MFP Hard Drives and Security

copier in use

A multifunction printer is a complicated piece of equipment that actually contains much more sensitive information than you may initially realize. As your employees or colleagues use the printer, the amount of information on the internal hard drive can pile up. Without proper protection, this data can easily be stolen and used by thieves. Read on to learn more about how an MFP hard drive works and how you should maintain it.

5 Reasons Small Businesses Need an MFP

small business owner

We get it, if you're a small business owner, you need to make smart choices on investments and business operations. It's how most of us started out. In addition to being aware and analytical, there are times when you do have to make the jump and invest in a device or system that will really benefit your business in the long run. One of these investments is in a multifunction printer or MFP. Buying an MFP is a step where your business recognizes growth and the need for efficiency while noting that it's time to focus in print operations for oversight.

Choose the Multifunction Printer for Success

security card scan multifunction printer

It's a new year in your office, and everyone is operating at full functionality. A manager's dream! How can you keep this going? Make sure that you have everything you need to keep productivity and morale up so that your employees will keep working hard, and enjoying their jobs. Happy employees make better workers!

Look for success where it's easiest first - the office equipment that you use every day. Where to start? The printer, of course!


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