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Document Scanning

Scanning Your Documents

Scanning hard-copy documents onto your computer or network can be a time-consuming task that involves multiple steps.  Having the right Ricoh and Kyocera scanners and multifunction devices, as well as document management software, can simplify the process and automate your document workflow.  We provide several document scanning software applications that allow you to capture, convert, name, and route documents to the appropriate digital repository. This allows your office staff to conveniently access and share documents in a timely manner, which increases overall productivity.  Whether you need to scan to the Cloud for storage purposes, transform your documents into searchable PDFs, or scan directly to Word or Excel for editing purposes, we have a document management solution to help you accomplish your goals.

Scanning Solutions

Our document scanning solutions can also provide security features that require users to authenticate at the device, meet compliance regulations for your industry, and create an audit trail. Contact us to learn more about how you can simplify your workflow with document scanning.

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