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Document Management Solutions in Morgan City, Houma, Broussard, Lafayette, and Lake Charles

Document management solutions are designed to make you more efficient while adding value to your documents. Our comprehensive set of document management solutions from Ricoh and Lexmark create efficiencies that have helped hundreds of Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Broussard businesses save time and money. These cost savings create a profitable environment for your business.

Card Copy - Card Copy allows users to automatically scan documents, print, and e-mail two-sided ID cards, in an enlarged format, on a sheet of paper.

Device Quotas - Device Quotas offers an effective document management system to track and manage an organization’s printing, document scanning, copying, and faxing usage with ease.

Enhanced Locked Print - Ricoh’s Enhanced Locked Print NX works in conjunction with Ricoh’s Card Authentication Package to provide a convenient and secure card-based method for printing confidential documents. With Enhanced Locked Print NX, you can gain all the efficiency and cost benefits of shared, centralized Ricoh copiers without compromising document security.

RICOH Smart Integration Solutions - Turn your multifunction printer (MFP) into a document workflow powerhouse leveraging RICOH Smart Integration (RSI) technology.

DocuWare - Save, store, manage and share documents – regardless of format or source – in the office, at home or on the road. Simplify approvals and document processing with automated workflows. On-premise or cloud solutions enable you to boost user adoption, protect your documents and data, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Kofax ControlSuite - With a single solution to actively manage and govern virtually every aspect of document distribution, ControlSuite combines the best of print, capture and output management technology.

RICOH Streamline NX v3 Scan & Capture Option - With its web-based user interface, the Scan & Capture Option is accessible from anywhere. Use your personal mobile device to submit photos, images and forms into scanning or distribution workflows. Enter document metadata at any time. Capture images offline and enter them into the scanning workflow when you’re reconnected.

XM Fax - The XM cloud fax solution eliminates the need for fax hardware and infrastructure along with their associated costs, creating an impressive ROI often with hard costs alone. Users can send and receive faxes from anywhere using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, so your workforce can stay productive wherever they are working. Plus, being a cloud solution, it features redundancies to meet disaster recovery and business continuity requirements, eliminating the additional costs associated with data backup solutions.

Access® Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) - Simplify and automate your medical forms management environment by eliminating unnecessary expenses, risks, and inefficiencies of paper forms with Access®Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) healthcare forms management software.

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