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Color Multifunction Copiers

Color Multifunction Printers Lafayette and Lake Charles Businesses Prefer

When it comes to choosing the right multifunction printer for your Lafayette, Lake Charles or Broussard business, you come to Classic Business Products. Our color multifunction printers let your office reach new peaks in productivity while saving money at the same time. Sometimes referred to as MFPs, all-in-one-printers, or multifunction copiers, these powerful machines keep you in the modern business age. How many machines do you have to use in order to finish a task? The answer should be simple and obvious. One! Turn your old ways around and increase productivity and efficiency. Copy, print, scan, and fax all from one machine.

Powerful Features with Color Multifunction Printers

Imagine turning your office into a technological powerhouse that exceeds all productivity and efficiency experienced in any business quarter previously. Stop imagining and come into Classic Business Products so we can show you how to get it done. Color multifunction printers will save your Lafayette and Broussard business time and money. There's no reason to have separate copiers, scanners, printers, and fax machines when all you need is a multifunction printer that does it all. One machine to rule them all, sort of speaking. Multifunction printers from CBP give you the ability to:

  • Print

    • Print hundreds of beautiful, color documents within minutes. You can also print on both sides if needed, which saves on paper usage and money.

  • Copy

    • Produce vivid copies of documents in a short time as well. High dpi resolutions provide sharp and detailed images and text whether you're making copies, printing, or scanning.

  • Scan

    • Scan documents and images to a variety of locations like network folders or email and in a variety of formats such as JPEGs and PDFs. 

  • Fax

    • That's right! You have the ability to fax via the internet with a multifunction printer. After scanning your documents or images, store them electronically in a safe place and/or share them with others sending a fax.


Look, in order to stay on top and remain competitive, your organization needs the right equipment. Contact a professional at Classic Business Products today and find the right color multifunction printer for your office. We serve Lafayette (Broussard), Morgan CityHouma, Lake Charles, and Thibodaux.

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