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Maintenance Support

Keep Your Equipment Operating Properly

Regular maintenance performed by trained professionals is one of the keys to keeping your office running smoothly.

Classic Business Products has a team of experts to perform routine maintenance, clean your machines, replace parts, and provide other support services to extend the life of your machines and drive your business to new heights. We work with small businesses, government agencies, and organizations in:

Maintenance Contracts

maintenance contract can provide you with the security of keeping your copiers and other devices functioning while also avoiding the high cost of repairs. We offer our customers different levels of maintenance contracts to fit their business needs and operating budgets. These contracts offer benefits ranging from discounted repairs to no-cost repairs, and more. To learn more about our range of maintenance contracts, simply contact us so we can find out your specific needs and find the right plan for your office.

FM Audit

FM Audit is a software application that uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to gather printer specific data such as Make, Model, Serial Number, Alerts, Meter Readings, etc. 

With FM Audit installed, you can automate meter reporting on your devices managed by Classic Business Products. FM Audit is a simple software application installed on one of your computers or servers located on your company network.

For more information, view the FM Audit Brochure.


Once installed, it will automatically and securely send meter readings to Classic Business Products on a monthly basis. Your devices will also notify us for low toner alerts and service alerts for your entire printer and MFP fleet so that we can proactively ship toner or schedule a technician to maximize the uptime of your valued equipment.

@Remote Ricoh Support

@Remote Brochure (Ricoh At Remote) is an Internet-based support program exclusively for digital Ricoh copiers and HP laser printers. This innovation lets local businesses monitor the status of their networked office equipment devices in real-time. With @Remote, your Ricoh devices will automatically alert Classic Business Products personnel when printer repair service is required or supplies (such as printer ink or toner) are needed. This advanced solution means your staff gets the service and printer supplies it needs quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring a more productive operation.

Lexmark Remote Support Solutions

Lexmark Fleet Tracker is a remote support system specifically designed to monitor mid to large fleets of Lexmark printers and copiers (groups of five machines or larger). This system also works with any brand of products/equipment (not just Lexmark) and sends alerts to Classic Business Products personnel when problems occur or repairs are needed.

Lexmark Fleet Tracker Brochure


Lexmark Customer Support is available to Classic Business Products customers in southern Louisiana. This means your business can email Support directly from the Lexmark printers and copiers when supplies are needed or repairs are required. This automated system gives you expedited service times, reducing workflow interruption, and eliminating your need to dedicate office space for supplies storage.


Read more about Lexmark Customer Support

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