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Ricoh fi-7300NX

Speed: 60 ppm/120 ipm
ADF Capacity: 80 sheets
Expected Daily Volume: 9,000
Cloud connection

Ricoh fi-7300NX

Introducing the Ricoh fi-7300NX Scanner

Experience the next level of scanning efficiency with the Ricoh fi-7300NX Scanner, a powerful solution designed to enhance your document management processes. Classic Business Products is proud to introduce this advanced scanner that offers remarkable speed and a range of valuable features.

Key Features:

1. High-Speed Scanning: The fi-7300NX scanner achieves impressive scan speeds of 60 ppm/120 ipm (200/300 dpi) for scanning A4 portraits, ensuring you can swiftly digitize your documents.

2. Intuitive Touch Screen: Simplify scanning operations with the scanner's touch screen interface, allowing for convenient and user-friendly scanning right from the device.

3. Enhanced Security: The scanner offers various authentication methods, enhancing both efficiency and security in your document management processes.

4. Mobile and Cloud Connectivity: Scan directly from your smart devices or thin clients to any business platform, providing you with flexible and convenient scanning options.

5. SDK Compatibility: With five types of Software Development Kits (SDKs) available, the fi-7300NX scanner seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments, meeting your specific requirements.

6. Centralized Management: Utilize PaperStream NX Manager and Scanner Central Admin for centralized management, making it easier to control and monitor multiple scanners in your organization.

7. Document Protection: The scanner's "Paper Protection" function detects anomalies in document length and sound, preventing jams and ensuring smooth and secure scanning.

8. Manual Feed Mode: Easily scan folded or bound documents using the Manual Feed Mode, expanding the range of documents you can digitize.

9. Advanced Image Processing: Benefit from PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, providing advanced image processing functions that enhance the quality of your scanned documents.

10. On-Demand Scanning: For ad-hoc scanning needs, use PaperStream ClickScan, a simple three-step solution that enables quick and efficient document capture.

Elevate your scanning capabilities with the Ricoh fi-7300NX Scanner from Classic Business Products. Discover a high-speed, secure, and feature-rich solution that streamlines your document management workflow. Contact us today to explore how the fi-7300NX scanner can transform your scanning processes.

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