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Ricoh fi-7460

Speed: 60 ppm/120 ipm
ADF Capacity: 100 sheets
Expected Daily Volume: 18,000 sheets

Ricoh fi-7460

Introducing the Ricoh fi-7460 Scanner

Elevate your business workflows with the Ricoh fi-7460 Scanner, a compact yet powerful scanning solution designed to enhance document processing and boost efficiency. Classic Business Products is proud to introduce this high-quality scanner, equipped with advanced features to streamline your document management.

Key Features:

1. Impressive Scanning Speed: The fi-7460 scanner efficiently scans A4 landscape documents at 60 ppm/120 ipm (200/300 dpi), ensuring fast and reliable document processing.

2. High Daily Capacity: Load up to 100 sheets at a time and scan as many as 18,000 sheets per day. This scanner is built to handle substantial document volumes with ease.

3. Skew Reducer: Maintain stable feeding and prevent document misalignment during scanning, thanks to the Skew Reducer feature.

4. Document Protection: Safeguard your documents from potential damage during scanning with the Paper Protect function.

5. Batch Flexibility: Easily set up mixed batches of documents using Independent Side Guides, optimizing your scanning workflow.

6. Effortless Stacking: The Stacking Control function simplifies paper collection after scanning, ensuring efficient post-scanning organization.

7. Versatile Scanning: Scan various types of documents, including delicate materials, with the Manual Feed Mode.

8. User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive scanning experience with the backlit LCD, providing easy operation and clear viewing of settings.

9. Advanced Image Processing: Benefit from advanced image processing functions with PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, ensuring your scanned documents maintain superior quality.

10. On-Demand Scanning: For ad-hoc scanning needs, take advantage of PaperStream ClickScan—an efficient solution that simplifies scanning tasks in just three straightforward steps.

11. Premium Software Option: Explore the extended capabilities of PaperStream Capture Pro software, available as a premium option, to further enhance your scanning experience.

The Ricoh fi-7460 Scanner offers high-quality technology in a compact package, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their document management processes. Whether you're dealing with routine paperwork or large document archives, this scanner is engineered to deliver precision, speed, and reliability. Contact us today to discover how the fi-7460 scanner can revolutionize your document workflows and drive productivity.

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