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Ricoh fi-7700

Speed: 100 ppm/200 ipm
ADF Capacity: 300 sheets
Expected Daily Volume: 44,000 sheets
Flatbed-equipped model

Ricoh fi-7700

Introducing the Ricoh fi-7700 Scanner

Elevate your document scanning experience with the Ricoh fi-7700 Scanner, a powerful solution designed to excel in high-volume scanning environments. Classic Business Products is delighted to introduce this versatile scanner, engineered to enhance productivity while maintaining user-friendly operation.

Key Features:

1. Impressive Scanning Speed: The fi-7700 scanner delivers exceptional scanning speeds of 100 ppm/200 ipm (A4 landscape, color, 200/300 dpi), ensuring rapid and efficient document processing.

2. High Daily Capacity: With the capability to scan up to 44,000 sheets a day, this scanner is well-suited for continuous high-volume scanning needs.

3. Versatile Document Handling: The fi-7700 scanner accommodates various document types, including thin paper, plastic cards, books, magazines, envelopes, and long page documents, making it a versatile asset in any scanning environment.

4. Dual Scanning Options: Benefit from a compact design equipped with both an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and a flatbed, providing flexibility in document handling.

5. Stable Paper Feeding: Ensure reliable paper feeding with the straight paper path and Paper Picking Control function, reducing the risk of misfeeds.

6. Manual Feed Mode: Handle documents of varying thicknesses and sizes with ease using the Manual Feed Mode.

7. Document Protection: Safeguard important documents during scanning with the Paper Protection function and Skew Reducer, preserving document integrity.

8. User-Friendly Design: The scanner features a flexible design with a movable ADF and an LCD panel for easy and convenient operation.

9. Document Alignment: Easily align mixed-size documents with Independent Side Guides, streamlining document preparation.

10. Advanced Image Processing: Enhance the quality of scanned documents with advanced image processing functions, courtesy of PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture.

11. On-Demand Scanning: For ad-hoc scanning needs, utilize PaperStream ClickScan—an intuitive solution that simplifies scanning tasks in just three simple steps.

12. Premium Software Option: Elevate your scanning capabilities with PaperStream Capture Pro software, available as a premium option, to further enhance your scanning experience.

The Ricoh fi-7700 Scanner is a compact powerhouse designed for continuous high-volume scanning, offering impressive speed, reliability, and flexibility in document handling. Whether you're scanning a wide range of document types or require consistent high-speed scanning, this scanner is your key to improved productivity and streamlined document management. Contact us today to explore how the fi-7700 scanner can revolutionize your scanning workflows.

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