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Digital Duplicators
Over 130 prints/minute


Classic Business Products Presents: The RISO SF EII Series Digital Duplicators
The RISO SF EII Series: High-Speed, High-Volume Printing at an Affordable Cost

The RISO SF EII Series digital duplicators redefine efficiency and affordability for high-volume printing needs. This innovative series combines exceptional print speeds, outstanding quality, and remarkably low operating costs, making it the perfect solution for businesses and organizations that require a reliable and cost-effective way to produce large quantities of documents.

Unbeatable Efficiency & Speed:

High-Speed Printing: Experience lightning-fast printing speeds, ensuring even large print jobs are completed quickly and efficiently. The SF EII Series keeps your workflow moving without interruption.
Master-Based Printing: The SF EII Series utilizes a master printing process, resulting in significantly lower costs per print compared to traditional toner-based printers as the number of copies generated from each master increases.
Reduce Costs & Save Paper:

Multiple Page Printing: Save paper and condense bulky documents with the convenient page layout printing function. Combine multiple copies of the same page or multiple pages onto a single printed page, creating an easy-to-read and streamlined format.
Energy Efficient Operation: RISO digital duplicators are designed with energy savings in mind. They don't require a heater typically used in toner-based printers, and feature automatic shutoff and sleep modes to minimize power consumption.
User-Friendly Features & Functionality:

Easy Consumable Replacement: RISO makes replacing consumables a breeze. Simply scan the QR code located on the duplicator with your smart device to access instructional videos on RISO's YouTube channel, guiding you through the process of replacing the master roll, ink cartridge, and emptying the master disposal box.
Overlapped Feeding Detection: The SF EII Series safeguards against printing errors with automatic detection of overlapped paper feeding. Users are instantly notified if this occurs, preventing wasted prints and paper jams.
Paper Insertion Function: Simplify document sorting and tracking with the programmable paper insertion function. The SF EII Series can be set to automatically insert a blank sheet after a designated number of pages are printed, creating clear separation points between documents.
Classic Business Products: Your Source for RISO Digital Duplicators

The RISO SF EII Series digital duplicators offer a powerful and cost-effective solution for high-volume printing. Contact Classic Business Products today to learn more about the SF EII Series and how it can streamline your printing operations and reduce costs!

We offer a wide range of RISO digital duplicators and supplies to meet your specific needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect solution for your business.

Download the RISO SF EII Series brochure for more information.

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