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Ricoh A6500

Work on a 65" 4K multi-touch display
Impress with 3840 x 2160 resolution
Use built-in Android applications or add an optional Windows 10 Controller for applications based on Windows platform

Ricoh A6500

Collaborate Seamlessly with the A6500 Interactive Flat Panel Display

In today's world, supporting remote and hybrid environments can pose challenges for schools, universities, and businesses. That's why we introduce the A6500, a web-enabled, user-friendly Interactive Flat Panel Display designed to facilitate successful collaboration among team members and students, whether they are remote or present in the room. With a 65" (diagonal) screen, it's the perfect fit for smaller conference and seminar rooms.

Key Features:

- Web-Enabled and User-Friendly: The A6500 is equipped with web-enabled capabilities, allowing for seamless connectivity and collaboration. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless navigation and interaction, making it easy for participants to contribute and engage.

- Ideal for Smaller Conference and Seminar Rooms: With a 65" (diagonal) screen, the A6500 is perfectly suited for smaller conference rooms and classrooms. It offers a clear and immersive display that enhances presentations, discussions, and collaborative activities.

- Support for Remote and In-Person Collaboration: Whether your team members or students are physically present or participating remotely, the A6500 enables successful collaboration. It bridges the gap between on-site and off-site participants, fostering a cohesive and engaging environment.

Adapt to the demands of modern collaboration with the A6500 Interactive Flat Panel Display. Its web-enabled features, user-friendly interface, and optimal screen size make it an invaluable tool for small conference rooms and classrooms.

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