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Ricoh A7500

Work on a 75" 4K multi-touch display
Impress with 3840 x 2160 resolution
Use built-in Android applications or add an optional Windows 10 Controller for applications based on Windows platform

Ricoh A7500

Enable Collaboration in Hybrid Classrooms and Mid-Size Meeting Rooms with the A7500 Interactive Whiteboard

In the modern world, hybrid classrooms and workspaces require tools that foster collaboration. Introducing the A7500 interactive whiteboard, an easy-to-use and web-enabled solution designed to keep both in-person and remote attendees engaged and aligned. With real-time participation and information sharing capabilities, this interactive whiteboard ensures seamless collaboration. Its 75" (diagonal) screen is perfectly suited for mid-sized meeting rooms and classrooms.

Key Features:

- Seamless Collaboration: The A7500 interactive whiteboard facilitates seamless collaboration by keeping both in-person and remote attendees on the same page. With real-time participation and information sharing, all participants can actively contribute and collaborate regardless of their location.

- Easy-to-Use and Web-Enabled: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the A7500 interactive whiteboard ensures effortless interaction. Its web-enabled capabilities provide easy connectivity and access to collaborative tools, streamlining the collaboration experience.

- Well-Suited for Mid-Sized Meeting Rooms and Classrooms: With its generous 75" (diagonal) screen, the A7500 interactive whiteboard is an ideal fit for mid-sized meeting rooms and classrooms. It offers a clear and immersive display that enhances presentations, discussions, and collaborative activities.

Embrace the power of collaboration in hybrid classrooms and mid-size meeting rooms with the A7500 interactive whiteboard. Keep everyone engaged, connected, and aligned regardless of their physical location.

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