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What You Need to Know About Network Security

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Network security is an essential component of any business in Broussard. Without sufficient protection, digital assets could be vulnerable to attack or unauthorized access, leading to data breaches and loss of personal or company information. With this guide, you'll get the tools and information you need to keep your network secure.

What is Network Security?

Network security encompasses a range of measures and procedures that are used to protect digital assets, devices and computers from unauthorized access or attack. It includes methods of protecting data confidentiality, integrity, authentication and authorization through encryption, authentication protocols, firewall configuration, patch management and other security measures.

Analyze Your Network’s Security Vulnerabilities.

A crucial part of keeping your network secure is to identify and analyze existing security vulnerabilities. By understanding the weaknesses in your system, you can take steps to address them such as properly patching devices, enabling encryption for data in transit, and configuring firewalls on routers and access points. You should also conduct regular security audits to check for any new threats or issues.

Manage and Monitor Access to Your Network.

Restricting access to your network is a must for proper security. All devices and users should only have access to the information and applications they need with strong authentication methods to identify authorized personnel. You should also keep track of all access attempts, including failed attempts, and monitor user activity to identify any suspicious logging or data manipulation. Limiting which users and services are allowed in each network segment can help prevent attackers from moving laterally across systems.

Develop Policies Governing Device Use.

Create a policy that outlines acceptable use when it comes to devices and networks within your Broussard business. All users should be made aware of the risks involved in connecting to public wireless networks while working, or when accessing company data from home or personal devices. Network security must also extend beyond desktops and laptops to include any mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and IoT devices that are connected to the corporate network.

Protect Digital Assets with Encryption and Firewalls.

The most important step in network security for your Broussard business is to encrypt all data, both in transit over the network as well as at rest on your organization’s servers. Encryption essentially scrambles the data so that only those with the key can view it. Similarly, you should also use a firewall to protect corporate data and restrict access to certain applications and websites. Firewalls with advanced features will block malicious software and keep out individual IP addresses or entire countries.

Don’t gamble with your network’s security. Call CBP today at 985-384-0809 or visit a location to find out more information on how network security can protect your Lafayette/Broussard business!

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