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Ricoh N7100E

Speed: 25 ppm/50 ipm
ADF Capacity: 50 sheets
Expected Daily Volume: 4,000 sheets

Ricoh N7100E

Classic Business Products Presents: The Fujitsu N7100E Network Scanner

Boost Efficiency and Simplify Document Management with the N7100E Network Scanner

The N7100E is a user-friendly network scanner designed to streamline document management in busy offices. This powerful scanner offers a perfect blend of ease of use, robust features, and security, making it ideal for small and large businesses alike.

Effortless Scanning for Everyone:

Simple Standalone Operation: No computer needed! Scan, save, and send documents directly using the large touch screen and intuitive interface. The N7100E eliminates the need for complex software installation and training, minimizing setup time and maximizing productivity.
Large Touchscreen Display: Navigate scanning functions and settings with ease on the high-resolution touch screen. The user-friendly interface makes scanning a breeze for users of all technical backgrounds.
On-Screen Keyboard: Input information and file names directly on the scanner without needing a separate keyboard.
Enhanced Security & Customization:

Secure Group Use: Administrators can customize the touch screen interface to match specific user needs and control access to features. This ensures data security and simplifies workflows for different user groups.
Advanced Security Features: The N7100E prioritizes data protection with user authentication, automatic data encryption during processing, and data deletion after scanning. These features offer peace of mind and safeguard sensitive information.
Customizable Job Menus: Create job menus tailored to specific user groups or departments, streamlining workflows and minimizing errors.
Unmatched Versatility & Manageability:

Integrate with Existing Systems: The N7100E seamlessly integrates with file servers and email systems, making it easy to scan and share documents electronically.
Scalable Network Scanning: The N7100E is perfect for businesses of all sizes. It can be deployed in small office networks or integrated into large enterprise environments, offering centralized management for multiple scanners.
Remote Management Tools: Administrators can manage and configure the N7100E remotely through the Admin Tool and Scanner Central Admin functions, saving time and simplifying IT support.
Kiosk Setup Options: (Optional) Add a keyboard and stand to transform the N7100E into a secure self-service scanning kiosk.
Unleash the Power of Network Scanning with Classic Business Products

The N7100E network scanner is a powerful and user-friendly solution for businesses looking to streamline document management and improve efficiency. Contact Classic Business Products today to learn more about the N7100E and how it can benefit your organization!

Key Features:

Easy-to-use network scanner with large touch screen
25 ppm / 50 ipm scanning speed (A4 landscape, 200/300 dpi)
50-sheet automatic document feeder
Standalone operation with on-screen keyboard
Customizable job menus and user access controls
Advanced security features for data protection
Integrates with file servers and email systems
Scalable for small offices and large enterprises
Remote management tools
Optional keyboard and stand for kiosk setup

Classic Business Products is your trusted provider of network scanners and document management solutions. We offer expert advice, competitive pricing, and exceptional service to help you find the perfect scanner for your needs.

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