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HP DesignJet SD Pro

Wide Format

HP DesignJet SD Pro

Efficiently Scan and Copy with the HP DesignJet SD Pro Multifunction Printer

Experience high-speed scanning and copying of your everyday documents and maps with the HP DesignJet SD Pro Multifunction Printer. Equipped with advanced CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology, this printer delivers detailed document reproduction without fringing. Explore the key highlights that make this printer a reliable and efficient solution for your scanning and copying needs:

Key Highlights:

- Detailed Document Reproduction with CIS Technology: The HP DesignJet SD Pro utilizes advanced CIS technology to deliver detailed document reproduction with exceptional accuracy. Experience clear and precise scans and copies that capture every detail without compromising quality.

- Fast SD Scanner for Streamlined Workflows: The integrated SD scanner is designed to streamline workflows, allowing you to quickly digitize your documents with high-speed scanning capabilities. Save time and enhance productivity with efficient document processing.

- Reliable Dual-Roll PostScript® Printer: Benefit from the reliability of the dual-roll PostScript® 44-inch printer. With smart switching functionality and the convenience of dual rolls, you can seamlessly switch between different media types or sizes, optimizing your printing workflow.

- Nine-Level Adjustable Scanner Stand: The HP DesignJet SD Pro features a nine-level adjustable scanner stand, positioning the scanner directly above your printer. This compact design allows the printer to fit nearly anywhere, maximizing space efficiency in your work environment.

Simplify operation and boost workflow productivity with the HP DesignJet SD Pro Multifunction Printer. Enjoy efficient scanning and copying, reliable dual-roll printing, and a compact design that fits seamlessly into your workspace.

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