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6 Popular Features on Multifunction Devices

Whether you’re an office manager looking to upgrade your equipment, or a business owner on the market for a reliable multifunction device, it can be tricky to differentiate between all of the options available. To make things easier, we have put together a comprehensive list of 6 of the most popular features found on Ricoh, Lexmark and Kyocera multifunction devices. Keep reading to get an in-depth understanding of everything these advanced machines can do! By doing so you will gain knowledge that will enable you to choose the printer that is perfect for your needs.

Scan-to-email for easy and fast document sharing

Scan-to-email is revolutionizing the way we share documents, making information exchange more seamless than ever before. With just a few button presses, important documents can be scanned and automatically sent to recipients via email, without the need for cumbersome office equipment or multiple steps. This modern approach eliminates the need for physical storage and the costly process of faxing, standing as a testament to how far technology has evolved. Moreover, scan-to-email enhances collaboration, as the ability to quickly send pertinent documents allows for more efficient communication among coworkers and clients alike. As the world continues moving towards paperless solutions, scan-to-email stands as a powerful tool for user-friendly, rapid, and sustainable document sharing.

Print from mobile devices for ultimate flexibility

Embrace ultimate flexibility with the ability to print from mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Nowadays, convenience and portability are essential elements in our fast-paced lives. With the rapid development of technology, mobile devices have become powerful tools for managing not only our communication, but also our work and leisure activities. Printing from your mobile device allows for increased efficiency and convenience, as you no longer need to be reliant on only desktop computers or laptops for printing needs. Imagine the freedom of being able to print that last minute presentation or those cherished vacation photos instantly from your smartphone or tablet wherever you might be! Transform your printing experience by taking advantage of this versatile solution and unshackle yourself from the constraints of traditional printing methods.

Copy documents quickly and easily with one touch copying

Imagine effortlessly duplicating important documents with just one touch, saving you precious time and energy. One touch copying has paved the way for speedy and convenient duplication, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every copy. Gone are the days of tediously punching in numbers or sifting through multiple options to reproduce a simple document. Instead, one touch copying streamlines the process and allows you to accomplish your copying tasks with minimal effort. By integrating this advanced technology into your daily routine, experience a remarkably simplified and productive way to manage your document copying needs.

Automatically sort and stack documents with advanced finishing options

Imagine a world where sorting and stacking documents is no longer a mundane and tiresome process, thanks to advanced finishing options. Envision an automated system that takes care of organizing your paperwork, making your life easier and helping you be more productive. No longer would you have to dedicate precious time and energy to the menial task of sorting through piles of papers. These advanced finishing options utilize state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly separate and organize different types of documents, ensuring that everything stays in its designated place. The system operates with impressive speed and accuracy, making it an indispensable tool for both enterprises and individuals looking to optimize their document management processes, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their work. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to efficiency as these specialized solutions bring a whole new level of organization to your life.

Save time with one touch job preset functions like stapling

Looking for a way to save time and maximize productivity? Then look no further than preset functions like stapling on Ricoh, Lexmark and Kyocera multifunction devices. With these preset functions, you can preset a job to staple multiple documents together with just one touch of the button, saving you both time and effort. Stapling isn't the only preset function you can use either, so check out the other features to make your workflow more efficient today!

Secure confidential information with advanced encryption features

Safeguarding sensitive data has become increasingly crucial in today's digital era, especially as a result of the ever-growing number of threats seeking to exploit any possible vulnerabilities. Advanced encryption features offer the optimal solution by providing the highest level of security for confidential information. Through cutting-edge encryption algorithms and robust security protocols, sensitive data is converted into an indecipherable format, which ensures that it remains protected at all times. Only authorized individuals with a unique decryption key have the capability to access and read the securely encrypted information, eliminating the risk of unauthorized disclosure or data breaches. Embracing these advanced encryption measures is a proven way to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of vital information, while also fortifying trust between businesses and their clients.

As the modern workplace evolves, ricoh, lexmark, and kyocera multifunction devices help you remain productive by adapting to your changing needs. Many of their popular features enable easy document sharing, printing flexibility, simple one-touch copying and advanced finishing options. Not to mention the job preset functions that save so much time. And with encryption features at the forefront of security, confidential information is kept securely stored away. All in all, these multifunction devices prove to be an excellent choice for businesses looking for a solution that can remain efficient and streamlined for years to come. Are you ready to get your multifunction device? Contact us today so we can discuss what options are available and make sure you're set up with a device that meets your exact needs. (800) 738-2200

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