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6 Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Printing Infrastructure

Cloud Printing Infrastructure

In the rapidly evolving business world, keeping pace with technology is essential for staying competitive. One area that often goes overlooked is print infrastructure. Many businesses in Morgan City, Houma, Broussard, and Lafayette, LA, are still relying on outdated print systems that come with numerous limitations and inefficiencies. At Classic Business Products, we believe it's time to embrace cloud print infrastructure and unlock its wide range of benefits. In this article, we will explore six key advantages that businesses can enjoy by moving their print infrastructure to the cloud.

Benefit 1: Anywhere Accessibility for a Hybrid Workplace

With the rise of hybrid workplaces, enabling seamless access to print devices has become vital. Cloud print infrastructure eliminates traditional barriers by connecting devices through the internet. IT or print management services can configure devices remotely, granting access to authorized personnel via VPN. Secure print release technology ensures confidentiality and reduces paper waste, allowing print jobs to be released only when employees are physically present in the office.

Benefit 2: Enhanced Productivity for All

Moving print infrastructure to the cloud not only relieves IT teams from managing local print servers but also boosts productivity across the entire organization. Accounting departments benefit from streamlined processes and reduced administrative tasks. With simplified printer connections, employees can effortlessly print from anywhere, eliminating unnecessary complexities associated with traditional infrastructure.

Benefit 3: Business Continuity and Agility Made Easy

Cloud-based print infrastructure housed in offsite data centers ensures business continuity even in the event of office disruptions. Most data centers replicate services across multiple locations, minimizing the impact of any single-point failure. By leveraging cloud hosting services, businesses gain greater agility and can redirect their focus to critical employee and customer needs during challenging times.

Benefit 4: Reduced Operational Costs

Maintaining onsite network technology such as print servers incurs various costs, including hardware, software, maintenance, and service fees. Cloud infrastructure eliminates or significantly reduces these expenses, simplifying budget management with predictable monthly operational costs. Many businesses find that the total cost of ownership for cloud print infrastructure is often lower than managing local infrastructure.

Benefit 5: Access to Powerful, Insight-Loaded Data

Cloud-based print infrastructure offers advanced analytics tools and reporting capabilities, transforming print data into valuable intelligence. Reporting dashboards provide stakeholders with real-time insights, freeing IT teams from generating manual reports. By leveraging print data, businesses can make data-driven decisions, streamline operations, cut costs, and align with their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Benefit 6: Potential for a Reduced Carbon Footprint

Cloud-based printing empowers users to control their paper output and provides real-time analytics for optimizing paper usage over time. Sustainable print technologies, energy efficiency, and environmentally certified options support companies in reducing their carbon footprint. Classic Business Products, aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offers sustainable print solutions to help businesses achieve their environmental objectives.

By embracing cloud print infrastructure, businesses can unlock a multitude of benefits. Classic Business Products is dedicated to assisting Morgan City, Houma, Broussard, and Lafayette businesses in their journey toward a modern, efficient, and sustainable print environment. With scalable Managed Print as a Service, we provide a consistent user experience, flexible growth options, and a simple monthly per-user subscription model. Don't let outdated print infrastructure hold your business back—leverage the power of the cloud to drive productivity, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

Contact Classic Business Products today to discover how we can transform your print infrastructure into a strategic advantage for your business.

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