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Unlocking Efficiency and Savings with Lexmark's Managed Print Services

In today's fast-paced business landscape, where productivity and cost-efficiency are paramount, Classic Business Products (CBP) is proud to offer Lexmark's Managed Print Services (MPS) to our valued clients in Lafayette and beyond. Let's explore how Lexmark's cutting-edge MPS solutions can transform your printing infrastructure and boost your business.

Eliminate IT Burden with Lexmark's IoT Ecosystem

At the heart of Lexmark's MPS solution lies the Lexmark Global IoT System, a revolutionary interconnected printing and scanning ecosystem. This system leverages predictive support to increase uptime and harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to eliminate IT infrastructure concerns. Lexmark printers and multifunction products (MFPs) come equipped with sensors that continuously monitor device performance. This data is then analyzed to identify usage trends, security risks, and more, reducing the burden on your IT team.

Proactive Support and AI-Enabled Efficiency

Lexmark Predictive Support ensures uninterrupted uptime by combining advanced technologies with sophisticated algorithms. By anticipating and preventing disruptions before they occur, Lexmark's IoT-enabled devices keep your operations running smoothly. Automatic, just-in-time delivery of toner and supplies, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), means you'll never have to worry about inventory management. Plus, proactive notifications for service requests and supplies shipments keep you informed, enhancing device support and reducing costs.

Flexible Infrastructure Management

Lexmark's infrastructure support and management are tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you prefer full print infrastructure management or a transition to a cloud-native solution, we've got you covered. Our cloud-based print services eliminate server maintenance, simplify user management, and offer greater flexibility, redundancy, and scalability. Plus, they enhance security, a top priority in today's digital landscape.

Empower Workplace Flexibility with Connectivity

Lexmark Cloud Bridge technology expands access to advanced managed print services without the need for additional hardware or software. This connectivity suite ensures dynamic connectivity options for organizations of all sizes, whether in large enterprises, distributed retail locations, or remote home offices. Flexibility, simplicity, and scalability are at your fingertips.

Fortified Print Security

All Lexmark devices are inherently secure, and our agile response ensures quick threat resolution. Our Security Services offering takes print security to the next level with ongoing configuration management and scheduled security assessments. By safeguarding your devices, data, and information, we help you avoid costly breaches and earn the gratitude of your IT department.

Enable Digital Transformation with Interactive Print Analytics

Lexmark's MPS enhances your digital transformation journey through interactive print analytics. By providing visual and interactive data analytics, we go beyond static presentations and spreadsheets. Our interconnected system offers meaningful print analytics, enhanced visibility, and increased confidence in your system's control. We integrate printing and scanning data with your key business metrics, providing added value to your analysis.

Industry-Tailored Expertise and Solutions

Lexmark consultants bring industry-specific expertise to the table. They understand the intricacies, challenges, and objectives of your industry. With tailored workflow solutions, we optimize your business processes, from digitization to advanced digital workflows. We seamlessly connect our solutions to your existing IT platforms, ensuring a smooth transition.

Are you ready to revolutionize your printing infrastructure, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs? Contact Classic Business Products today to explore how Lexmark's Managed Print Services can transform your business. 🖨️📊🌐

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